A Suspect

"You're frickin' mad! Completely insane!" Mello shouted, his arms holding tighter around Seul's middle. They were tearing own the road at a dangerous speed, on a jet black motorbike. His voice was muffled by a large black helmet.

"Thank you!" Seul called back. She was without helmet. The bike, curiously enough, had belonged to a Wammy Boy called A. Seul would have very much liked to meet him. He had been B's friend, but the prssure of Wammy's had been too much, and commited suicide.

Mello looked up at Seul. She had died her hair again,back to the old dark brown she had before, deciding in mutual agreement with Mello, Matt, Near and Neko that it 'wasn't her'. She was wearing her black bottleg jeans again, along with a pair of Neko's low heeled boots. She wore black leather, fingerless gloves on her hands, a tight red vest top, a short leather jacket, coming to the bottom of her ribs. A gold crucifix with a red gem in the centre hung on her chest.  Also, riding in her hair, much to her protest, on the left side of her head, was a red ribbon, it's tails flying back in the wind. It was out of place, but strangely cute.

The motorbike slowed and stopped, and Seul got off. Mello sat there, moaning slightly, before taking the helmet off. His legs ached, and his hair was a mess. Great. He got off, looking down at himself. He looked odd. He wore a loose white shirt, black jeans, a leather coat over the top, which he took off, and slung over his shoulder, before retrieveing Seul's laptop.

He had protested wearing these smart clothes, insisting that he looked stupid, but Seul, Neko, Near, and Matt, who hadn't laughed at all, thought he looked alright. Mello made a metal note to kill Near, for some reason unknown to him yet.

Seul showed her ID to the police officer, before she and Mello entered. Seul gave a satisfied smirk when she got to the front room.

The bodies of a man and a woman were piled one on top of the other, and on the wall, was written 'Give her back' in blood. Seul understood. The killer knew. But where was the child?

"Um, Seul?" Mello asked, staring at the bodies. She looked back at him.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"You said that there was a kid survivor each time. I think this one got taken."  He said. Those bodies, those open eyes, staring at him widely. Seul turned him away from them, and their spell was broken.

"Yes, I believe the child was. He wishes an exchange to be made. But we must find the man. He's playing with us. Or he's worried, and a worried killer isn't good, he's going to act rashly." She said. Mello nodded. "I need you to report to L immediantly. Tell him about our theory. I must take photographs." She said. He nodded, placing the laptop down, and busying himself with that. Seul took pictures, and carefully checked the bodies, getting close up views of the many stab wounds of the woman.

"Excuse me, Miss Sianattu? The chief just called. They couldn't identify the fingerprints for at the Green's house." Said an officer, after a while. Seul simply nodded, before going to the computer, and plugging her camera into the computer, sending the photos to L. The computer was turned off afterward, and the two left, making the journey to Seul's old school, the closest of their two destinations.

Parking outside, they entered. It was lunchtime. Seul looked around, rather fondly, while the school students and teachers stared at them.

"Ah, it was fun here. Some of the rumours and scandals that went on here were terrible." She smiled to Mello, bumping her arm with his. He smiled back. As they walked around, there were whispers.

"Um, Seul, I think they know it's you." Mello murmured in her arm. She laughed.

"Don't do that, Mels, it tickles, and frankly, I don't give a damn right now." she said. Mello grinned back. They continued to wander round, laughing. A pair of teachers stopped them.

"Excuse me, but are you students?" asked one.

"Ex-student." Seul waved. "Got some good memories. Thought I'd give this place a visit." She said, and simply walked off with Mello. The two teachers frowned. The two continued to go round, either laughing at the chavs and sluts, as they had laughed at Seul. A teacher shoved past the two.

"Sorry, I'm late!" he shouted back, jogging off, trying to carry a latop bag, a coat, and a large file of paper work. The two watched as he got into the car. Seeing this, the two hurriedly got onto the motorbike, Mello shoved his helmet on, and said;

"Follow that car! ...I've always wanted to say that..." He smiled, and they sped off.

The End

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