Sweets, Cakes, Cookies, And Conclusions

Mello's eyes flicked open. He gave a short gasp. Seul was gone, and Near lay next to him, still sound asleep. He checked the others. Neko was still fast asleep, Matt snoring loudly, and little Megan was still on the floor, with the cat beside her. Mello got out of bed, and went to the bathroom. No one was there. The black tiled floor was still gleaming gently, the red walls the same shade of red. Everything was how it should be. He left the room, wandering around.

It was around four in the morning, still three and a half hours till lessons started. He serched all around for Seul, first L's room, curiously empty, the classrooms, evn the other residents' bedrooms.

He went into one of the kitchens, and was stunned. Both Seul and L stood within, along with a few other chefs. Both wore aprons, and were smiling. The cooks were moving around them, preparing for breakfast.

"-And Megan must be his daughter, because of how he treated Clarissa, she looks like an older version. So, using Megan to lure him out, we can finish this case once and for all! Now taste this." She said. She lifted a spoon to his mouth, and he ate eagerly.

"Mm. You're deductions and plans are the same as mine it seems. All we have to do is have to do is make this man aware that we have his daughter, and I am 98% sure that we'll have him by the end of the week. Good chocolate. Did you add that mint?" He asked. Seul nodded. She poured the contents of three bowls into different moulds and trays. Mello simply stood there. The scents of chocolate, cakes and fruit whirled around the kitchen, almost making Mello drool. A hand fell on his shoulder.

"They've been here for hours." Watari said. He and Mello watched as the two drank poisoningly sweet coffee. Mello sook Watari's hand off, before running forward.

"Seul, I coming with you to the next crime scene." He told her firmly. Seul just smile.

"Morning, Mello!" She giggled, throwing her arms round him in a tight hug. he struggled against the girl. L bit his thumb, observing the two.

"I believe Seul-chan has had enough coffee." He noted. "Mello-kun will be absent in lessons today, then?" Seul nodded, letting Mello go.

"You shouldn't take this lightly, Mello. Who knows what the scene will be like this time? You saw the pictures from yesterday. Also, I will be visiting my house and school. Will you be willing to assisst me?" she asked, suddenly calm. Mello nodded.

"Are you sure we sould leave Megan and Neko alone with Matt, though?" Mello asked, an image of his dearest friend coming to mind, laughing his perverted laugh.

"The young girl will be staying with me for the duration for the day." Watari put in.

"As for Matt, he will feel my wrath. Anyway, Neko's got a good punch on her." Seul smiled.

"Um, if Megan's staying to Watari, how are we getting to the scene?" Mello asked. At this, Seul curled her lips in.

She began, clearing her throat. "Well..."

The End

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