(8)Yellow Mello Of The Marsh Variety!(8)

By the time they reached Wammy's House once more, Seul, Abby and Megan were asleep in the back and somehow, Ciel still sat purring on Abby's lap. The front door was opened, and two children ran out, followed by a third, shuffling slowly. L got out, going inside without another word. The three were woken.

Ryuk, bored of trying to make Seul jump, or annoy her, slugged along, moaning for apples. Abby, Seul, Megan and Ciel got out. Seul was almost knocked down by Mello, who bowled into her. She laughed. Matt hugged her too, but Seul slapped him across the cheek, giving him a warning glare, after he had grabbed her bottom.

"Abby, This is Matt, Mello, and that's Near. Boys, this is the newest Wammy's girl, and this is Megan." She said. After that, they all went inside. Abby chose her name after a while; Neko, meaning cat in Japanese. After Abby gave L her new name, she wandered around with Seul and the boys. In the end, they all ended up in Seul's room. She was tapping away at the computer, sending the pictures and report to L, before turning it off again, putting it away quickly. The rest of the day was uneventful. There was no point in going to the rest of the lessons that day; the boys had skipped, waiting for Seul, and Abby and Seul had no clue what to do, so they spent the day in B's old room. They all went down for dinner, but after that, everyone went back to Seul's room.

Megan stayed in her clothes, while Neko changed into some grey pyjamas, with cats on, Seul in a large, long-sleeved black top and some shorts, Mello and Matt discarded their tops, and Near stayed as he was.

Megan, who had already fallen asleep, was curled up on the floor with her rabbit, a blanket over her, and Ciel purring beside her. The others all piled into the double bed, Mello inbetween the two girls, Near on Seul's side, and Matt on Abby's side, who had promised to keep his hands to himself.

"Oi, Seul, Neko, is this what a family's like?" Mello asked. Seul certainly didn't expect that coming from him.

"A little, I guess, Mello." Neko said thoughtfully. "First thing I'm gonna do tomorrow is eat some chocolate ice-cream. I don't know why." She said. They laughed.

"Chocolate. Mm." Mello smiled.

"Neko, you should have seen him this morning, his whole face was covered in whipped cream!" Seul giggled. Mello turned red.

"Yummy." She answered.

"Indeed." Seul said seriously. Mello, red as anything, shrunk under the covers.

"Shut uppp, your so embarassing." he moaned.

"Can we just go to sleep, guys? Those two are probably on  the case again tomorrow, too, so shut up, Mello."

"Yeah Mello!" Both Neko and Seul said together. They looked over Mello's head at each other, before singing out loudly; "Yellow Mello, of the marsh variety, whipped cream and chocolate flavour!" they burst about laughing. They finally settled down, and they all said goodnight, even with the two girls still winking at each other.

The End

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