Megan, And A Visit From L

When they got to the top of the stairs, Seul coughed. It smelled like bleach. She covered her nose, and continued. "Want apples..." grumbled Ryuk, who  had been following Seul all the way. She ignored his whining.

"Ciel, go downstairs." Abby told her cat, putting him down. He trotted down the stairs, and sat patiently at the bottom.

"That's one clever cat." Seul said.

"Yeah, and woah." Abby pointed at the first body. Seul's mouth dropped.

"I've have a feeling, that's about 90% sure that our killer felt strong feelings for this woman." Seul said. The woman in question was laid upon the table, which was covered in a red cloth. She was laid in a peaceful position, with her hands on her stomach. She was wearing a deep purple dress, and her face had been painted, or powdered, until it was as white as marble. Her lips had been painted red, and her long hair had been braided, and was curled around her neck like some strange serpent.

"I think you're right. Mind if I get a closer look?" She asked.

"Be my guest. Watari, could you stay with Abby for a moment, I just need to go in there..." Seul said, pointing to the bathroom. Before she could put the door open, an arm caught the crook of hers. She looked round, to see a young girl, with beautiful blond hair, and big green eyes filled with tears. She was quite small, and could be no older than seven or eight. She was wearing a pair of blue dungarees, with a long sleeved white top underneath.

"Why is Mama asleep? She won't wake up." she asked. "Don't go in that room, it's yucky in there." She added. Seul knelt down.

"Hello, there. What are you doing here?" she asked gently.

"I dunno." The girl frowned, her translucent blond eyebrows furrowing. "I can't 'member." She said.

"What's your name? Do you know where your daddy is?"

"I dunno. Megan." she said. Seul sat properly, crossing her legs, and patting them. The girl sat down in them.

She looked at the others. Abby had been busy taking pictures, finding the cause of death to be suffocation, most likely by the pillow that lay under the woman's head. Watari was simply stood silently beside Abby. Both seemed to be ignoring her.

"Hey, why is Mama sleeping? She said she'd read me a story." said Megan. She seemed to be restless.

"Megan, how about I read you a story? But in a little while, because I need to look in the yucky room. Come on." Seul stood, with Megan on her hip, and carried her downstairs. She took off her coat, and put it round Megan, who pushed her little arms through the sleeves. Seul smiled. "I need you to stay here with Ciel, alright?" She told Megan. Ciel, the cat, climbed onto Megan's knees. Megan nodded, trying to stroke the cat. Seul went back upstairs.

"Where'd you go?" Abby asked.

"There was a little girl, Megan, and she's just the one I need right now." Seul said. She sounded like a bad guy, using a child, but she knew it would bring the killer out. She pushed open the door, and covered her mouth, coming out again almost immediatly, gagging. Abby patted her back gently. "Abz, need you to go down and look after Megan. I really gotta deal with this." She said. Abby nodded, and went.

"Miss Seul?" Watari asked.

"It's horrible. I...ugh..." Seul swallowed the acidic taste away. She took the camera, and went back. She spent about five minutes, before coming out again. "I can't go back in there. I can't." She said, coughing. Watari closed the door, and looked at a few of the pictures.

"Let's go back to the car. I doubt Abby's parents know she's here, either." Watari said. Seul put up a hand.

"I've got to find some kids books for Megan. We need her." She said, checking the rooms. She took a few of the children's books, along with some slightly older ones, and a cuddly rabbit. She took them down. Megan gave the rabbit a tight hug, as Abby took Ciel from her lap. "Come on, Meg. I'll look after you, yeah?" She said. Megan wrapped her hand round two of Seul's fingers, and they walked out of the house together. Watari offered Abby a ride home, which she took greatfully. Seul sat in the backseat, reading to Megan, who was leaning against her, smiling. She didn't understand what was happening, and why, but she didn't need to.

They exited the car, with Megan on Seul's hip. They climbed up three flights of particularly steep stairs, to get to Abby's flat. She opened the door, and called to her mum. Watari and Seul waited, to make sure she was alright. She gave a shout of surprise.

"Mum! What if he was the serial killer?" They heard her say. Seul put Megan down, as Abby came back to the door. "Seul, your not going to believe this. My mum opened the door for some randomer eating cake!" she said. She beckoned, and the three stepped inside, and into the living room.

"Oh, hello Watari, Miss Seul." L was perched on the sofa, sat next to Abby's younger sister, sharing some cake and tea. Seul went slightly pale. "Mrs Thomas and I were just discussing Abigale's outstanding academic grades." Abby, who was stood next to Seul, was frowning.

"As I was saying, Mr. Ryuga, I'm not sure boarding school, no matter how specialized, would be right for Abby right now, she's taken some of her options, and-"

"Please excuse my interuption, Mrs Thomas, but Wammy's House can give Abby more qualifacations that any regular school. Also, there are no costs to pay, and she may where what she pleases. She will be able to come home for Christmas, Easter, birthdays and the like, of course."

"I don't know..."

"More cake, Mr Ryuga?" Abby's younger sister asked.

"Mm, that would be delightful, child." He smiled to her, as she cut him another large slice of cake.

"Abby, what do you think about this school?" Abby's mother asked. Abby was pale. Seul squeezed her wrist.

"I...I'd like to go. If I can learn more, I can get a better future, especially with the extra qualifacations." She said. Ciel mewled round her feet.

"Oh, please excuse me. You are?" asked Abby's mother to Watari and Seul. Megan was hidden behind the two.

"Mr. Watari, Madam, I work with Mr Ryuga at Wammy's House. This is Miss Seul Sianattu. She's one of the top children at Wammy's." He smiled, placing his hand on her shoulder, taking his hat off.

"I see. Is there any paperwork I have to sign in?" Abby's mother asked.

"You'll only need to sign a couple. I have them here."

"When would she have to leave?" Her younger sister asked.

"She could leave today, weeks, months later. Whenever she decides. Even while she's there, she'll be able to call you outside of lessons." L cut some cake with his fork.

"Abby? It's up to you."

"I don't mind. Whenever." Abby clenched her fists in excitement, trying to hide a smile. "Seul, could you help me pack? I'm not sure what I need." She said. Abby, Seul and Megan went into the bedroom. Abby grinned, hugging herself. She shoved all manners of things into her suitcase, mostly clothing or manga.

The three came back out, Megan still hidden. Abby hugged and kissed her family goodbye, before they all left.

The End

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