Another Murder, And Abby Thomas

Once Seul had recovered, she went up to see L. Mello came with her. She had insisted he wait, but he refused, while Near and Matt obliged.

"Are you better now, Miss Seul?" He asked, sucking a large lollipop. She nodded. "Good. There had been another daylight murder. This one's a little different, thought." He said. Seul frowned, and Mello stayed silent. L hadn't turned round, and he wanted to stay with Seul.

"How so?"

"Well, the couple murdered had no offspring, and they weren't married. I would like you to go and see this scene. I have a 75% feeling that you're going to find something that may help us here...." he mused.

"I'll go and find Watari now, sir."

"Alright, Miss Seul." With that, the two left, and L went back to observing the file of an intelligent 15 year old girl, pawing over her academic results.

* * *

Just as Watari and Seul pulled up in the car. Seul jumped out, laptop with her, hood up, seeing a policeman trying to drag away a girl, who was fighting against his grip.

"Excuse me, sir, why are you handling this lady so ungentlemanly?" She asked, showing her ID, which now had a picture in it.

"Oh! You're Miss Sianattu!" He let go of the girl, and saluted. Seul rolled her eyes. she had always hated salutes. "She was found inside the crime scene, Miss."

"Then she was in a similar situation to Miss Seul when she became who she is now." Watari said from behind her.

"Watari, sir!" Yet again, the policeman saluted. The girl's ear pricked up.

"Watari? That means that you're Seul Sianattu! You're a Wammy's girl, the agent for L! You're 14!" The girl shook both Watari's and Seul's hand. Seul smiled. She had seen this girl occasionally. She was amazing at computer work. They had talked online, and The had shared hacking software. They had met a few times, but not many. The girl's name was Abby, and she was in the year above. She squinted at Seul, then gasped.

Abby was only a little taller than Seul was herself. She had a lighter brown hair than Seul had had, and she supported cheerful green eyes. She was wearing blue jeans, some high heels, and a long grey, white and black top, with flowers across it. A large black bag hung by Abby's side. Seul's attention was drawn to a cat, mewling at Abby's feet. It was a sleek, light grey one, with icy blue eyes. Abby bent down to pick it up. It settled there contently, purring.

"Seul, um, Miss Sianattu, could I look at the scene with you? Please?" Asked Abby. Seul placed her hand on Abby's shoulder, and looked at her, with raised eyebrows.

"Call me Seul, Abby. Two, yes, you can, three, you can tell me which hacker software you used to find out who I was on the way into the house." The three entered the house.

"Miss Seul, do you know this young lady?" Watari asked. Seul nodded.

"She was in the year above me at school. She and I traded hacking software. It's how I found out about the murders." She said sheepishly.

"I know. L's been keeping an eye on you, Seul. And on you, Abigale Thomas. Both you and Miss Seul have been achieving some of the highest grades for your age in the world." Watari said.

"Whaaa?!" Both girls exclaimed. Abby shook herself.

"I still can't believe you're a Wammy's girl, Ami, uh, Seul." She smiled. Seul smiled.

"Enough of that, let's have a look see at this scene." She said, as they ascended the stairs.

The End

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