A Gentle Hand To Hold, And Warm Arms To Hold You

Seul's vision was blurry when she awoke. A blanket was thrown over her, stones digging into her back, her head elevated, someone placing a damp cloth on her head, and someone gently stroking her hand. She  opened her eyes properly, to see Matt straight above her, and Mello beside her. Near was sat back slightly, and Watari was stood with them.

Near squeezed her hand, and Mello asked, "Are you OK, Seul?" She gave a little sniff, before sitting up, and almost throwing herself onto Mello, crying into his chest. His arms immediatly came around her, and his head dropped onto her shoulder. "Shh, I'm here. I won't leave you. None of us will, not me, not Matt, or that twit Near." He whispered, his breathe hot on her neck, as he pressed his cheek to hers. Their tears mingled. The two sat back, and Seul smiled.

"Don't cry, Mels..." She said, wiping his tears. He smiled back.

"Only if you don't." He said back. Seul looked round, feeling arms wrap around her. Both Near and Matt were there, leaning against her back and shoulder. Mello smiled, joining then, hugging all of them, even Near. Watari smiled at her.

"Miss Seul, sometimes all you need is a gentle hand to hold, and warm arms to hold you."

The End

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