A Dark Oblivion

Seul felt breath on her face, and a cold finger poking at her eyelid. She opened her eyes, and gave a shriek, and Ryuk fell away, laughing at the result. Near had fallen out of bed, Mello had woken up and began to swear loudly, as someone had put whipped cream on his face, and Matt opened his eyes, looked around, then flopped again, back to sleep.

"Jesus, Seul!" Mello moaned. Near sat up, and sat nothing.

"Sorry. Nightmares again." She said. She raised an eyebrow. "Whipped cream? What the hell?" she asked, partially to Ryuk, and partially to herself. She and Mello both looked at Matt, at each other, and grinned. Carefully, the two picked him up, and carried him out of the room, placing him on the landing by the stairs, and left him there.

"There." Mello chuckled. "That was a rude awakening, even from Matt." Mello said, trying to take of the cream from around his mouth with his tongue. "Well, at least it's whipped cream." he shrugged.

"Mm, whipped cream and strawberries." She nodded to herself, before bringing her tongue across Mello's cheek, leaving a patch clear. He went bright red, and collapsed on the floor. "Now back to your room. Amethyst's gonna need someone there when she wakes up."

"Oh, alright..." He moaned. "Come on Near, if I gotta die from her snoring, so have you." He said. Near simply stood, and followed. The door closed, and there were a series of thuds.

"There goes Matt." Seul smiled. Ryuk chuckled.

"Yup, you're gonna be funny." He said. "Now, apples." she grinned. Seul rolled her eyes. She took the gown off of the door, again, which had previously belonged to B, tying it around herself, before going down, into the kitchen, and asking for some apples. The result was a large bowl of apples, which Seul could barely carry. She brought them back to the room, and put them on the bed, where Ryuk let out a mad laugh, before begginning to eat.

"Oi! Slow down! They think I'm eating those. And bloody well save me a couple, I like that sort." She growled at him. Ryuk gave a snarl, and continued to eat.

"SEUL!! L!!"  Mello's footfall came running, hitting through the door, and Ryuk dropped the apple he'd been eating in surprise. Mello stumbled over to Seul, practically yanking her arm from her socket, pulling her from the room. Seul metally put on the breaks.

"Woah woah woah! What's up?" She said.

"It's Amethyst!" he gasped, trying to gain breathe. Seul froze, before she began shouting, and it became her dragging Mello.

"No, no, no, no, NO!!" she shrieked, as she entered the bedroom. Near was stood by the door, Matt had sunk to the floor, and Mello held on tight to Seul. Seul now stood infront of the bathroom door, now wide open. Amethyst lay in the bath, submerged in water, eyes open, drowned. Seul shook her head, tears coming forth. A murder, she could handle, but a suicide...Never. She ran, Mello falling  as he let go of her. Seul ran, down the stairs. She heard her name being shouted, but she ignored it. She opened the front door, walked out, and slammed it again. She staggered around, and fell, tripping over something, and falling onto the gravel driveway, hurting her hands and face. There she laid, sobbing. There was no sign of Ryuk, currently, nor anyone else. Seul passed out there, falling into a dark oblivion.

The End

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