A Good Night's Sleep

"You guys sticking here for the night, then?" She asked. All three went rather red. Seul rolled her eyes, shuffled right to the side of the bed, before pulling the opposite side of the cover up. "Come on. I don't give a damn." she sighed.

"If he comes anywhere near me, I'll kill him accidently on purpose highly maliciously." Mello stated calmly. Seul sighed again.

"How 'bout this, I stay in the middle of you two, and one of you keeps Matt away from me, cause I had to lend my pyjamas to Amethyst, so I'm wearing a vest top and shorts?" She said, just as Mello and Matt got into one side of the bed, and shuffled over, so Near could go the other side of Seul.

"You heard her, bro." Mello said, and shoved Matt off the bed, before beginning to laugh hysterically with Seul. Even Near gave a little laugh. Matt climbed back up, growling at Mello.

"You. Made. Me. Crash." He said, gritting his teeth, showing them the screen of his PSP, where a red car had crashed into the side of the track.

"Oh, shut up, before I maliciously kill you. On purpose." Seul smiled.

"Don't joke about that, we saw you beat up that dude." Mello reminded her.

"Oh....shut up, you yellow marsh-Mello. That was random. Now go to sleep." Sseul said, laying down, facing Near, who looked up at her. She felt an arm come round her from behind, and yelped.

"No fair, Mello! You're doing that to wind me up!" whined Matt.

"Yeah, so what if I am?" Seul sighed. Another smaller arm slipped over her, and she felt Near shuffle closer. He put a finger to his lips, before closing his eyes. Seul smiled. With Mello pressed to her back, and Near to her side, she was incredibly warm. And for some reason, Matt climbed out, turned off his PSP and the light, and flopped, sprawled across the bed, mainly across Seul's legs. With all this, Seul smiled, and drifted off, into a deep, good night's sleep.

The End

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