Ryuk and Interruptions

"You...can't?" Seul asked.

"No. BB said he couldn't. He had the eyes, too. Dunno how. He was a weird kid too." ryuk shrugged, eating yet another apple. "Mm...These are real good." He said, munching away. "Have you used the Death Note, yet?"

"No, but..."

"But?" the Shinigami asked, eyes gleaming. His sharp teeth were yellow against his grey skin.

"I don't know. Where do people go, if they write in the Death Note? It said you couldn't go to Heaven or Hell."

"Meh, what a boring question. Got any more apples, Redhead?"

"My name's Seul. I can get you some, but not now. In the morning, OK?"

"You're careful. Careful can be fun. I'm Ryuk."

"Well-" Seul stopped, as there was a knock on the door. Seul hurriedly took the Note from under her pillow, stuffing it into the closest draw she could reach. "Hello?" Three heads came round.

"Hey." Matt said, playing on his PSP.

"Thought you might be lonely." Mello shrugged.

"The new girl snores." Near put in. Seul laughed. As the approuched, Ryuk looked at Seul.

"If they touch the Note, they'll be able to see me too." He warned. Seul gave him a glare.

" Well, I was a little lonely." Seul admitted. That was partially true. The three shut the door. " Don't tell me, you guys can't sleep with Amethyst's snores shaking the house?"

"Yeah, and it's really annoying." Matt said, looking up, and around. "This is B's room. Wonder why he stayed alone."

Seul wondered too. Perhaps he was just not a people person. At this, Ryuk gave out a throaty laugh.

The End

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