The Shinigami

It was night, now. Matt and Mello had welcomed the new girl, Near ever sombre, and everyone had praised Seul's new look, especially Matt and Mello. Seul now slept in B's old room. She had a large double bed, with the same black material she had had on her bed, and the walls were painted a dark red. There were a couple of shelves with books on, and some with jam. Out of place, was a large bowl of apples on the bedside table. She was alone.

This bed seemed too big. The room seemed to cold. But she didn't feel alone. The scent of strawberry jam hung in the air, and this comforted her somehow. Suddenly, a pair of leaming eyes appeared. She said bolt upright, and turned on the lamp. The person, no, the Shinigami who stood at the end of the bed made her shudder.

It was at least six feettall, with broad shoulders, almost a gothic appearance, and a silver earring hanging from an ear. Wings towered above it. This was the Shinigami B had told her about.

"'re...." Seul gulped. The Shinigami was sniffing the air.

"Apples..." He chuckled, before beginning to wolf the down, crunching and sending juice everywhere. "So...*gulp*...your the person B gave the Note to? Why didn't he say you were a girl? I'm shy around girls." He muttered.

"Why...Why did B give me the Death Note? I..." Seul was confused. Said Death Note currently resided under her pillow. The shinigami jumped, before crossing his legs, sitting with a 'fwump' on the end of her bed.

"He said you were odd. He liked you."

"Yeah. I saw him yesterday." She said, playing with a bit of her hair.

"You are odd. This could be fun."

"Am I?"

"Yes. I can't see your name, or when you're going to die."

The End

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