The Death Note

The book was about a centimetre thick, black, and in white writing, said 'Death Note' on the from. Seul opened it, and inside was a black page, with the title 'How To Use It', and a small note.

"Is B joking with me? No, I don't think he would." She said to herself, taking the note.

The Shinigami will appear soon. Don't let anyone touch the book.

Seul tucked the book back away in its clothes, before putting it in her bottom drawer, along with her laptop covering it. She shoved the suitcase under the bed, and sat down, her hands on her face. "It couldnt really be real, could it? And a Shinigami? A Death God? I don't think I should tell L about this either." she thought.

"Seul? Could I borrow some clothes?" asked Amethyst, who stood by the door, a towel wrapped around her. Seul took out some of her smarter clothing and some underwear, and gave it to Amethyst, who swiftly got dressed, and came out again. She sat on the floor, while Seul brushed her long hair for her gently. "Seul, are we friends?" she asked.

"No, Amethyst. We're just people who know each other."

The End

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