From B? For Me?

Seul got out, and opened the from door for Amethyst. Seul took her laptop and the bag containing Matt's game and Mello's chocolate, before leading the way in. Amethyst was awestruck when she walked in.

"It's huge!" she breathed. "Where is everyone?"

"Probably in their lessons. Come on, I'm sure you'd like to tidy up a bit." Seul led Amethyst upstairs, into her room. She put her things on her bed. "Want me to run you a bath? You could borrow some of my clothes, if you want." Amethyst nodded. Seul took off her coat, dropping it onto the bed. She turned on the tapes to the bath, before rejoining Amethyst.

"Who else stays here?" She asked.

"Three aquaintences of mine."

"Not friends?"

"No. I've never had any friends." Seul said. "Used to have a partner in crime, though." She smiled.

"You sound just like...? Ami? Is that you?" Amethyst asked. Seul gae a bow.

"Ami Brooks, at your service. Well, Seul Sianattu, but still. Ooft!" she had the wind knocked out of her when Amethyst hugged her tightly.

"I thought you...I thought know!" Fresh tears came from her cheeks. Seul made Amethyst let go of her.

"No time for tears, now." She said. She finished running the bath, then gave Amethyst some towels.

"Ami-Seul? Could you stay with me? I could...tell you what happened. I think." She said. Seul nodded, closing the door, putting the toilet lid down, and sitting down. She waited as Amethyst dropped her clothing on a pile on the floor, and got into the hot bath, with a long sigh.

"Now, do you think you can start from the beginning?"

"Yes, I think so." Amethyst dunked under for a moment, then came back, pushing her hair back. "I was in my room. I was reading the newspaper. That's when I found out about your family. I heard the door. I just ignored it, since we always get visitors. After that, I went to sleep." She said, lathering her hair with shampoo, then rinsing it. She gave a cough. "I woke up, and needed a drink. I went downstairs, and saw someone leaning over Dad. I saw Mum. She was tied up, and gagged, and alseep. The man brought a hammer over his head, and brought it down again. I gasped, and he turned round. He was wearing this mask thing, like a hat that goes all over your face? He grabbed my arm, and told me to go back upstairs. I did, and I tried to call the police. The lines were down, though, I don't know why. He came up a while later. He sounded like he was crying." She stopped, smoothed conditioner into her hair, and took a deep breathe.

"Can you go on?"

"Yes. He sounded like he was crying. He kept saying 'You're late, Megan, put on your church dress. Hurry, you don't want to be late.'. He went away. I thought it would be best to do what he said, so I put on my Sunday best, and went downstairs. That was when I saw Mum. She was on the floor, lying down. The man was crying again. He pulled me over to my Mum, and started shouting at me. 'It's your fault, Megan.' That's what he said. He hit me, and told me to sit down. He put his hand in Mum's blood, and went to the wall. He write something, then stopped. He kept saying 'No, no, no, don't cry, Adam.' It was like he was shushing a baby. He...he..."

"We can continue later, if you want." Seul said. Amethyst shook her head, and gulped.

"He put his hand under her. He pulled out this red thing. I didn't know what it was, but he write on the wall with it. He throw it, in the kitchen. He kept hitting me, scratching me. I thought I...was...but I didn't. He didn't. He hugged me. He took Mum's blood, and he poured it on my dress, and he put a cross on my head with it. It was like he was in church. He...hugged me. He told me he was sorry. So sorry. He left after that. I don't know where."

"Did you see his eyes?" Seul asked. "Color? Were they familiar?"

"I don't know. I didn't want to look at him. I stayed there. All night. I cried." She said. Seul could see she was upset, so she stood.

"Thank you. When your ready, come and tell me. I'm right outside." She smiled, before leaving, and closing the door. She turned, and jumped. L stood by the door, a small brief case in his hand.

"Miss Seul. This was found in B's room." He said, coming in, and putting it on her bed. It was a simple brown case, with a red sticky label on it.

Ami was etched on it with some kind of ink. "From B? For me? What is it?"

"I was hoping you could tell me. It's locked." He said. Seul looked at the locks on it. there were three on the case itself, then another padlock.

"I wouln't know, I didn't really know B. I only know he loves jam." Seul shrugged. L bit his thumb.

"Mm. At any cost, it's yours now, do what you want with it. Nice hair." He said, closing the door. Seul checked he was gone, before going in her pocket. Inside it, was the item that B had put in her pocket. A small box. She opened it, and inside, was a small jam, on a chain. Inside was a key. Seul sighed. She unscrewed the lid, took the key out, and put the necklace/jar into her drawer. Using the key to undo the locks, she opened the case.

Inside, were...clothes? Yes. Inside was two sets of clothes, three pots of jam, and a large book. She took them out, and in the very bottom, was a small note, and a silver chain.


I will have forgotten it, but I leave these to you. I'm leaving. I will surpass L, but not as the world's greatest detective; the world's greatest criminal. I shall execute a series of killings of which L will never be able to solve. Goodbye.

Beyond Birthday.

Seul was deep in thought. Somehow, she understood B. Always being in L's shadow, his double? That must be hard. The copy wanted to surpass the original. Seul shook her head. No, she wouldn't tell L. He had to do that one without her. She replaced the note into the case, along with the jam. She put the key onto the chain, and put it round her neck, tucking it in. She opened the book, to find a few sheets of paper clipped together.

"Recipes?" she asked herself, putting those in the case too. After that, she continued to go through the book, till she found something rather irregular. She turned the next page, and found that a thick layer of them had been cut away. In the cavity of the book, lay something wrapped in black cloth, and a small line of metal. Seul took up the metal instantly. It was a Balisong. Since she was little, she had loved to watch people play with these knives. she flipped it open, and smiled. She put it away in the case, turning to the material. Carefully, she unwrapped it. A smaller, thin black book came out, into her hand. She frowned.

"Death Note?"

The End

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