Wreckless Killer

As Seul ran, she felt an excited swoop in her stomach. Ducking under the tape, she darted into the house. A policeman whipped round.

"You're that girl from this morning!" He exclaimed.

"It's Miss Sianattu, to you!" She called, before crossing over to the wall, where the taunting writing was written. Squinting at it closely, she laughed. The policeman and a couple of others looked at the girl in surprise. "Oh-ho-ho! Someone's been wreckless!" she sang loudly, giggling all the while. She beckoned the policeman who had called her 'that girl'. She pointed at the wall.

"...What?" he asked.

"Oh, come on, man! You've had professional training, while I've trained myself! Look! Just look! Tell me the difference between the first letter and the rest." She said. He looked at them, and put a hand over his mouth. "You got it now? Our killer was wreckless. He used his own hand to write the first letter, but switched to the internal organs of the woman for the rest. Is it possible to try and find a fingerprint?" She asked.

"I...yes! I'm sure of it! You've got us a lead, kid!"  At this point, Seul's laugh turned cold. She turned to leave.

"I wouldn't call the person who just gave you an important lead 'Kid'. My name is Seul Sianattu." With that, she left. She got into the backseat of Watari's car, closed the door, and smiled. The car started, and sped off.

"What did you do in there, Miss Seul?" Watari asked.

"Oh, not much. I may hae given the police a lead by figuring out that the first letter written on the wall might give us a fingerprint, and that the police may give me some respect, now. Chocolate, Miss Amethyst?" She asked, taking out the large bar Mello had given her. The girl nodded, and Seul broke off a large slab for her.


"No problem. We gotta look out for each other."

"Mm, I guess. Do you think we'll catch him?" Amethyst turned to look at her, biting into the chocolate.

"I am 100% sure we will catch him. We just need to know how to force his hand."

"Mm." Amethyst didn't sound satisfied, but she didn't ask anything also. Sitting in the back of the car, Seul picked up a pot of strawberry jam, opened it, and started to eat.

The End

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