Red Head Seul and A Reluctant Girl

"Miss Seul, you took shorter time than expected at the crime scene. We still have two hours before picking up Miss Clarissa."

"Oh! Could I perhaps run the errands that Mello and Matt asked of me?" She asked. Watari pushed his hat up.

"Yes, I suppose. Shall I accompany you?"

"No, it's quite alright. I won't be long." she smiled, waved, then got out of the car. She jogged off, while Watari watched her.

He shook his head. "One day, she'll have more brains than L himself." He told himself.

* * *

Seul smiled. She had bought Mello's chocolate, and Matt's game, and the remaining money amounted to fifteen pounds and ninety-three pence. As she walked about, she wondered about the new girl.

"Clarissa...That's what Watari said her name was. Clarissa Green. Oh, hell, she ws in my formroom class!" Seul moaned. Clarissa Green had been the only one who ever tried to talk to Seul, back at school. They both found crime interesting. They had met up, once a week, after school, to study. Seul refused to call them friends, as she had too, but they had referred to each other as 'partners in crime'. Seul sighed, before she went into a hairdressers.

When she re-emerged, an hour later, her hair was now a firey red; a few shades lighter than Matt's. She began walking back to where Watari was parked, but let out a call of surprise, when she bumped into someone, and they threw their arms around her. She struggled against him, before freezing, feeling his finngers weaving through her hair.

"You know, red really suits you." Whispered a familiar voice. Seul hugged B tightly.

"What are you doing here?" She smiled.

"I don't know." He said, pulling back. "Have this." He smiled, pushing something into her pocket. "I'm going. See ya!" he called, before sprinting off. Seul frowned, but shook it off. She returned to Watari's car. He raised his eyebrows at her.

"I used to know Clarissa Green. She'd recognize me if I hadn't dyed my hair." She explained.

"L suspected you'd probably have that idea. He told my to give you these and this." Watari handed her a small box, and a fold of black leather. She opened the box, and inside were six small contact lense holders. "There are three green, and three brown." Seul chose a pair of brown ones, blinking alot as she put them in. They made her eyes feel weird, but they soon settled. She looked at the leather. Opening it, she smiled. There was a piece of paper slid in the bottom half, but not in the top. It was her new name, age, date of birth, and her rank; Behavioral Analisist/Agent For L. At the bottom, it was sighed by Watari, a man called Roger, and L himself.

"Alright. Let's do this." Seul nodded. The two got out again, and walked up to the police station. They were directed to a small cell.

"She's refused to eat anything, and she won't talk to us, either." said a police woman. It was opened, and a girl, laying down on a bed, sat up. She was just how Seul remembered her; pale gold hair, that fell in little ringlets down to the bottom of her back, sharp green eyes, and slightly tanned skin. She wore the same clothing she had wore when they had found her; a white dress with blood spattered across in. Her arms were bruised and scratched, as well as her face. She had a tight hold of the pendant around her neck, a golden cross.

"Miss Clarissa?" Seul asked. "May I come and sit by you?" The girl simply nodded. Seul entered, and sat by the girl. "I'm Seul Sianattu, and that is Watari. We've come to help you."

"I don't need help. I just want to find the bastard who killed my family."

"Than we'll help you do that." Seul placed her hand on Clarissa's shoulder, but it was smacked away.

"What can you do? You're no older than I am!" She shrieked. Seul stood, taking a firm hold of the girl's shoulders.

"Miss Clarissa, I know how you're feeling. My own family was slaughtered by the same man as yours. I am doing my best to help in this investigation, and right now, you're the only one with an eye witness account. This is going to be hard, but I need your help to stop this man before he makes another family suffer." She shook the girl gently. Clarissa seemed to calm down slightly.

"What...what can I do?" She asked, her voice shaking.

"There is an intitute for exceptionally gifted children. It's called Wammy's House. We would like if you would accompany us back there for the time being, and answer a few questions."

"I...suppose I could." She said, hesitantly. Seul smiled to the girl.

"You have nothing to fear, Miss Clarissa. It's full of kind people. While there, you will be required to use a different name to your own."

"A new name? I guess...Amethyst Smith." Seul smiled. She remembered when she had asked Clarissa what was most precious to her in the world. She had answered, 'I have an amethyst heart that my great, grandma gave me. Her name was Clarissa Smith.'

"Alright. Right just this...way." Seul stopped. Watari touched her shoulder.

"What is it, Miss Seul?"

"Watari, please take Miss Amethyst to the car. I need to go back to the scene." She said, before sprinting out of the cell, yelling, "Please wait for me outside the last house!" With that, she was gone.

"Come with me, Miss Smith." Watari said kindly. Hesitantly, the newly named Amethyst Smith followed Watari.

The End

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