Another Deduction

Seul glanced over at the boy, still sleeping soundly. She put her laptop down, putting her memory stick and camera leads into the case, before going round, and placing her hand on Near's soft, white hair. She bent down, gently kissing his head. She went round, and did the same for Mello. She shook her head, giving a little laugh at Matt, who was sprawled across his bed, PSP in hand, gkowing, and had managed to throw the quilt off of the bed. She took the console from his hand, turned it off, before picking up the blanket, and replacing it, kissing his head.

She picked up her laptop, crossing to the door. She opened it, throwing a last glance at the boys. She frowned and giggled, seeing both Matt and Mello slowly waking up. Near just stirring.

"Where you going, kid?" Matt asked, flicking some sleep from his eye.

"I'm going out to see a crime scene. I'll be back later with a new girl. She must be smart too, if she's coming here."

"Can't we come?" Mello asked, stifling a yawn.

"I don't think so, Mels. L specially asked me to do this!" She smiled. Mello raised his eyebrows.

"Jeez, must be special." Mello muttered. Seul approuched, and whispered in his ear.

"Perhaps I'll show you the photos and stuff when I get back." She told him. He nodded, quite eagerly. He got out of bed,  and went in his drawer. He pulled out some money, and quite a large bar of chocolate.

"Could you get me a couple chocolate bars when your out? You can have whatever's left, if you want." He said. "And you can have this." He said. Seul took the chocolate and money, putting the latter into the pocket of her coat. It was then that the boys noticed her clothing.

"Seriously, you should wear that stuff more often." Matt said, a wide grin on his face, along with a slight blush.

"Matt, you absolute-...Actually, you're right about that." Mello said. Seul giggled.

"You perverts." She smiled. The two looked at each other, then back at Seul.

"Hey, could you buy me a new game, kid? One with cars and stuff? Have the rest, there won't be much." Matt asked, taking out his own money from a small wallet under his pillow. Seul obliged, and took the money.

"I'm out of here. I'll see you guys later!"  she said, before going to the door again.

"You look nice this morning." Came the monotone of Near, who was still laid down.

"Thanks, Near. Oh, and boys? My name is Seul Siunattu." With that, she left. she went to see L. Watari was with him.

"Good morning, Mister Watari. Goodmorning, L-sama." She bowed slightly to each of them. Watari moved to stand beside Seul.

"Good morning, Miss Seul. You're earlier than we thought you'd be, but I believe the expression is that the early bird gets the worm. Are you ready to leave?" He asked, glancing round. "You've cut your hair." He said. "And your clothing is different."

"Yes. I didn't think my smarter attire was suitable. The victim may think I'm just another nosy, albeit young reporter." she laughed gently.

"I see. Goodbye then, Watari, Miss Seul." He said. Watari left, with Seul behind him. Watari pulled on his coat and hat, picked up his laptop bag, and the two left. They got into the car, and began their long drive.

* * *

Seul was awoken by Watari calling her name. She had fallen asleep. They had stopped just outside a house, ringed with tape, reading 'Keep Out'. The two got out. A policeman stopped them.

"Public persons are not allowed beyond this point, especially not a child. It's not a nice plce in there." He said, smiling at her. Seul gave a little sigh. before Watari could speak, she did, rather irritable.

"Sir, I beg your pardon, but would you refrain from patronizing me, and please let Watari and I through?"

"Watari? I...I'm ever so sorry sir, you may proceed, but my point still stands, in there is not place for a child." Watari then spoke.

"Good man, this 'child' happens to be a favoured behavioral analisist sent by L to assess this crime scene. Please excuse us." He said, pushing up the tape, for he and Seul to step under. They carried on to the house. Stepping inside, the heavy scent of blood hit them.

Seul shuddered. Two people were laying, face down, on the floor. One had a large piece of wood driven into the base of his back, while the woman laid in her own blood. Seul scowled at the wall. In bloody writing, dribbling down slightly, read 'HAHA'. Two people wearing white, forensic clothing were taking pictures. Seul glanced at the open case on the sofa. She took out a pair of rubber gloves, pulling them on. She took her coat off.

"Please could you hold this, Watari? Thank you." She smiled, giving him her coat and laptop. Carefully, she crouched down beside the body of the woman, took ahold of her arm and hip, and pushed her up slightly, and cocked her head to the side, to see underneath, careful of the blood.

"Ah, Perhaps...Yes, I believe so. 60%." She nodded to herself, letting the body go back to it's prior position. She took, taking off the gloves. She took her camera from her laptop bag, and proceeded to take pictures of the bodies and the surroundings.

After around half an hour, Seul turned to Watari, taking her coats and bag from him. "Watari. May we return to the car? I believe I should speak with L." she said. As they left, Seul went over her new deduction.

"I believe that our murderer is a man with two childen. I have taken this from this two survivors of killings eleven, ten and nine, since he had made a pattern of only leaving one child alive. I also think that his wife has left him, since all of the mothers have been mutilated more viciously than the men. If my conclusion is correct, then the woman's stomach was slashed prior her death, and the wood in the base of the man's spine, come from the kitchen door, was after death, and the real cause was stragultion, due to the friction marks around his throat. My last theory is that this killer may have quarrelled with his eldest child, causing him to get angry, and try to harm the latest survivor, as if testing himself." As the two got into the car, Watari smiled from under his hat.

"Only L himself could have said it better." This made Seul smile widely, as Watari booted up the computer. Soon after, the Old English L appeared on screen. Seul retold her deduction to L, also saying that her deduction for this was 60%.

"What is your deduction for the other 40?" the mangled, computer-made voice asked.

"I don't have one sir, I'm not you!" she laughed. This gained her a small chuckle from L.

"Yes, well. Please pick up our newest candidate, Watari." The L vanished, and before she knew it, Seul and Watari were speeding away to the police station.

The End

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