Seul Gone Gothic

That night was another restless one for Ami, or shall we call her by her new name, Seul Siunattu? Her dreams continuesly disturbed her, and not even her research notes could keep her occupied.

Seul sighed. Becoming bored of the neat clothing she had been wearing, she pulled out the clothing she thought she wouldn't be wearing at Wammy's. Even. It was a little more casual, but sometimes, she was a little wary of it.

At five twenty three in the morning, she stood in front of the bathroom mirror, and takig hold of her hair and a pair of scissors, she cut her hair short. It cupped her face slightly. Giving her side fringe, that fell over her right eye, and roll of her eyes, she put the scissors into the cabinet.

She brushed her teeth, combed her cut hair, and washed her face, before changing her clothing, which consisted of; black bootleg jeans, a zip up, armless, leather vest, that was tight across her bust, a pair of black converse, which were usual shoewear for her, and a silver crucifix, which she only wore in church on Sundays, when her parents had forced her to go.

She also put on the only coat she had brought along; one her mother had given her. It was a long black one, with a loose hood, that easily fell over Seul's eyes. The coat came to her ankles, and flared out. across the back, a black ribbon criss-crossed over it, tying in a bow just above her bottom. On the right arm, a white piece of fabric was pinned, reading 'Neccesary Evil'. She gave a sigh, before taking her up her laptop, camera and leads, and hacking prgram on her memory stick. She checked herself over, before shaking her head.

The End

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