Hugs Are Good For Sadness, And A Name

For the rest of that day, a Satarday, Ami spent her time giving her home-made confectionaries to the students and teachers who had helped her. She even gave a small victoria sponge Watari. As she went up to see L, she felt sad.

All of the happy faces she had seen, had all felt pain. Her parents, now departed. A murderer, still at large. Perhap the next to die would have a fate worse that her parents, who's limbs had been found to have been removed post-mortem. Even her hero, L, whose parents and house perished in a fire when he was only 8. She thought about the pain past, and the pain that would follow. With tears pricking her eyes, she knocked on L's door before stepping inside.

"Good afternoon, L-sama." She said, with a little bow. He turned to face her. She placed the box, containing a victoria sponge covered in white fondant icing, and decorated with three black sugar flowers in the center, on the floor beside him. "I made this for you, sir." She said. He opened it, and immediantly took a knife, and cut a slice. With the slice on the lid, her observed it. "It's just a sponge cake. It's got butter icing and cherry jam in it." she told him. He used a fork to take a bite. He gave a small nod.

"Mm. Evening would be more appropriate. Last night, another murder was committed. The Green family. The daughter, again, the only survivor, was found with slices and bruises along her arms and face. She will be brought here tomorrow. Miss Ami, I want you to accompany Watari to the crime scene, take notes, and try to question the girl. Is that alright?" He asked, before pushing the cake to the side, the fork still in his mouth.

"Yes, sir."

"Is there anything you'd like, in return for the cake? It's quite good." He asked. Ami stood, turned, and shook her head. She was about to leave, when L grabbed the back of her shirt, pulling it roughly back. Ami gasped. She sat, frozen, inbetween the long, thin legs of her hero, his arms tight around her shoulders, his forehead leaning against the back of her head. His hot breathe tickled the back of her neck. She felt him inhale deeply, shivering slightly.

"L-sama? What are you doing?" Ami asked, her back still rigidly straight.

"Hugging you. I'm doing it wrong, aren't I? I don't know how to do something like this." He said. Ami laughed. She shuffled, so she was facing him, her legs tucked under her, as she held him round his neck. His arms faultered, falling limp for a moment, before holding her round her back.

"Thank you." She whispered, letting go of him. He smiled awkwardly. She moved back, and he sat in his normal way. "You didn't have to do that, sir." She told him.

"You're sad. Hugs are good for sadness. Or something similar." L said. Ami laughed.

"Really, thank you. Please excuse me. Good evening, sir."

"No, Miss Ami, goodnight."

"L-sama? I...want to choose a name, now."

"Oh? What would that be?"

"Seul Siunattu. Seul is French for alone, and Siunattu is Finnish for blessed."

"Then, Miss Seul, goodnight.

The End

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