A Sweet Surprise

"W-What are you doing?" Mello asked, eyes fixed to his sleeve. Ami wiggled her finger.

"Not telling. It's a surprise. You guys go play cards or something. I've got to sort something out here, alright?" She smiled, shooing them from the kitchen. The door swung closed, and the boys looked at each other.

"This is not to be spoken of again. I fear that the other Wammy residents may end our lives while we sleep." Near said, his blush now fading.

"For the first and last time, you big headed twit, agreed." Mello gulped.

"I'm only agreeing so you don't kick my ass, Mels. I would've gloated." Matt smirked. Mello glared at him, before the three left.

* * *

Mello lay in bed, lamp on, arms behind his head, staring at the ceiling, as he felt a piece of chocolate melt in his mouth. Near seemed to be a little more restless than usual, not doing his puzzle like he did every night.

"Where is she?" Matt wondered, putting  his PSP down. His DS still sat on Ami's bedside table from the previous night.

"She's probably talking with L-sama about the homocides." Near said, climbing into bed. The three left the lamp on that night, for Ami, when she returned.

* * *

In the morning, Near was woken by two people shaking him. He opened an eye, and saw Mello and Matt. Mello seemed to be shaking him harder.

"Hey, get up, you lazy sod! B's disappeared! And the new girl didn't come back last night!" he almost shouted. Near got up in his own time. The three got dressed, before leaving their room, and beginning their search.

After an hour, they found her. She sat behind a piano, pressing random keys. Not noticing them, she began to play a song that the boys knew quite well. They walked in silently, Mello picking up a guitar, Near taking a violin, and sitting down, and Matt just stood there. The two joined in, and Ami looked round, while still playing. She began to sing. The song was Gives You Hell, one of Ami's old favorites. They played together till they finished, before Ami gave a little laugh.

"Just the boys I wanted to see. I have something for each of you." She smiled. From the small paper bag by her side, she took out three boxes, giving them to each boy. As they opened them, she said, "I didn't know what you liked, so..."

In the boxes were chocolates. There were pocky, ones with darker chocolate on top, white chocolate ones, and ones with cherries in. There was even a few biscuits, and a small slice of cake. The boys looked up, but Ami had gone.

"What a surprise. This must've been what she was doing all night." Near  said, taking out a biscuit, nibbling it timidly. In the bottom of each box, was a note, reading;

Thank you for being so kind. I hope you like these, I made them myself x

"Hmm. A sweet surprise." Mello mumbled. Matt just happily munch away on a pocky.

"Heh, I'm gonna ask her to play the Pocky Game with me. Kukukuku...." Matt laughed darkly.

The End

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