Pranks, Kisses, and Laughter.

After dinner, Mello and Matt went to search for Ami. Near tagged along behind, which irritated Mello even more. At the table, they had been bombarded with questions about the new girl. Mello had resorted to dragging Matt away by his collar, and Matt, while one handedly playing a video game, pulled Near along behind him by the arm. They looked a rather odd procession.

They wondered around, trying to find Ami. They still didn't know her name, so they couldn't call her. After an hour and three minutes, Watari asked them what they were doing. He himself was preparing coffee for L.

"Oh, her? She's in the other kitchen." He answered. The three ran off to find her. Mello laughed, talking to Matt about pranks he could play on the teachers. When the reached the other kitchen, they heard a gently humming, talking, and a few giggles. Pushing the door open slightly, the three saw Ami, along with a few of the cooks, talking. Ami was wearing a white apron, and was putting on a pair of oven gloves, before taking a tray from one of the ovens. One cook, who was helping her, was giving her advice on something.

Matt suddenly decide he was bored, took a step away from the door, before hooking his leg with Mello's and pulled. The result was laughable. Mello tripped, his face colliding with the door. Matt also gave Near a shove, sending him on top of Mello, and since Matt himself was laughing to hard, he collapsed on the the angry Mello and ever calm Near, tear of laughter rolling down his face, pooling in his goggles. Ami looked at them in surprise, efore going to their aid. Managing to shove the breatheless Matt off of the two, she picked Near up with one arm, so he was tucked against her side, before pulling Mello to his feet. She put Near down, then gave and odd look to Matt, who was still giggling like a young girl. Ami helped him up.

"You sure are weird, Matt." She smiled. He gave a grin that was less than innocent. Mello glared at him.

"Mello and Matt wanted to find you. I came too." Near said. Ami smiled.

"Why? Did you need me for something?" she asked. The boys shook their heads. Ami smiled brightly.  "Sweet of you, boys." She giggled, placing a kiss on each of the boys' foreheads, before going back over to the chucling cooks.

Matt, who seemed a little surprised, looked at the other two, and fell about laughing again. Near was staring at the floor, blushing softly, bringing a nice color to his usually colorless face, and Mello had turned bright red, and was busy mumbling to himself about something or another. Either way, both of the boys were quite flustered.

The End

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