An Agonizing Day Of Education

After a good cup of coffee, or a cup of sugar, Ami went back upstairs to change. She groaned, realizing the only clothing she bought was quite smart. Nevertheless, she pulled on a pair of tan-colored tights, a black kneelength skirt, and a white blouse. She straightened out her collar, before taking one of her fountain pens, her black book of research, her camera round her wrist, and the memory stick with her hacking software on. She brushed her hair, pushing it neatly behind her ears, and slipping on her reading glasses.

"Hey, new girl, L wants to" Mello and Near stood at the door. Ami turned to face them, hugging her book to her chest. Both looked rather surprised. She waved in front of their faces.

"Back to Earth, boys." She laughed. They both shook themselves. "What's wrong? You both phased out for a moment there." She asked.

"N-nothing! Uh...L wants to see you." Mello said.

"Thanks, Mello." She smiled at him, tousling his hair with a spare hand. As she walked off, she heard Near say;

"Now who's sucking up?" This was followed by an outraged Mello calling him a muddle of names, and shoving him to the floor. Ami looked back at them.

"Mello, don't make me go all ninja on you." She warned. The two stopped, and got up to follow her. Ami saw some of the other Wammy kids, and waved to them. They just stared. Ami blushed. "I don't think they like me." She whispered to the two following. They said that this wasn't the case.

Ami reached L's room, and knocked. The call came out, and she entered. As before he was sat in the dar, tapping away at his computer. He didn't look round.

"Have you decided on a name, yet?" he asked.

"No, sir."

"I see. Please find one soon. There were no reports of murders last night. For today, I would like you to participate in the usual life of a Wammy resident."

"And what would that entail, L-sama?" She asked.

"School." He said. Ami raised a pencil thin eyebrow. L looked round at her, also with raised eyes. "Miss Ami, please try not to distract the other students." He said, before turning back to his computer.

"Eh?" Ami asked. L turned back, and offered her a sweet. She took one politely, popping it in her mouth, before Mello and Near led her away. "What did L mean, 'don't distract the other students?'

"He means because you're new." Mello snapped quickly. Near just gave Mello 'a look'.

Throughtout the day, Ami was subjected to nine different classes; English, Maths, Chemisty, Biology, Physics, Dance, Drama, Music and Art, not in that order. Ami could not deny that the lessons were difficult, but they were fun. Ami, Mello and Matt skipped Maths, Mello set the fire alarm off in Chemistry, in Art they all painted portraits of another, and in Music, Ami showed off her skills as a pianist and violinist.

By the time it was time for dinner in the main all, Ami was exhausted. Matt smirked at her. She was busy reading her black book, with a smaller book beside it.

"You know, I don't usually have a dirty mind, but-" He began murmuring to Mello. He was interupted when a severe hit to the head with a book, curtesy of Mello, stopped him.

Ami glanced at them. "Mm? What's up, guys?" She asked innocently. The eyes of about twelve other boys along the table glared at Mello and Near, who were sat either side of Ami. Mello glanced at Ami. He was slightly shorter than her, but not by much.

"I see why you said-Ow! You little runt!" he shrieked, as Near hit him with Ami's black book.

"Pervert." He said, placing the book back down in front of Ami on the correct page. Ami seemed confused.

"I'm not going to even ask. I'll see you in a bit, boys." She smiled, before picking up her books, and leaving. There was suddenly a large amount of noise, and various questions about the new girl.

The End

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