A Rather Eventful Morning

Mello, Near, Matt, Watari, L, and a large crowd of Wammy residents were woken by a large crash. They hurried downstairs, to find Ami had just hit someone's head against the staircase.

The intruder quickly got up, and Ami fell back, standing in a martial arts stance. She threw round house kicks, punches and random kicks at the man, nothing bringing him down. The look on Ami's face, a breathless, but almost calm one, turned into an angry one. While kicking she muttered at him.

"I've had my parents murdered, I've had the worst night of my life, and I don't need you making this morning any worse!" She growled. Suddenly, her whole body twisted, brought her leg up, hitting the man in the fact, before landing in a kneel. The intruder fell to the floor, unconscious. Ami looked up at the Wammy residents. Some looked confused, others scared, but Mello, Near, Matt and L just stared. Ami cleared her throat. "Sorry. There was an intruder." She said, standing, and doing up one of the buttons of her pyjama top that had come updone. She picked up a knife, that the man had presumable taken from the kitchen. A small amount of dark blood ran along the edge of the blade.

"Did you harm him with this?" He asked her. She shook her head, and lifted the bottom of her top. A dark red gash was oozing there.

"I'm fine. What a rather eventful morning." Ami said, dropping her top over the wound again. She crouched down my the man, and gave him a light prod. "Um...I think I sort of over did it." She said, looking up as Mello slapped her over the back, laughing. Ami placed the knife of the floor, looking at it. Some of the Wammy kids were whispering about her. It irritated her. She glared up at them taking up the knife. Some of them gasped. L observed her from the top of the steps.

She sliced through the bottom of her pyjama top, before ripping it off. She tied the rag around her waist tightly, trying to stop the flow of her cut.

"Well, that tells us not to mess with you, doesn't it?" Mello was still chortling. Ami smiled at him, holding his in a headlock. The two struggled, laughing. L went back to his room.

"Anything you want, mate?" asked Matt, tapping her shoulder. She grinned at him.

"Right now, anything with a lot of sugar sounds good."

The End

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