Nothing To Do

Ami woke from her agonizing sleep, panting heavily, and slick with sweat. She pulled her aching body into a sitting position, before curling her legs up to her chest.

She felt so vunerable. She had never been so terrified in her life. She couldn't even remember the dream, that made her feel worst. She crawled out of her bed, and made her way to the bathroom.

She sat on the cold floor, her hands gripping the sink, her head leaning on them as she tried to gain her conposure. She stood, looking in the mirror, at her hair plastered to her forehead. Using the light of the bathroom, she went back bed, but took her music box, and opened it.

In a situation like this, she would crawl into bed  with her parents, and she'd stay there until she felt calmer, before returning to bed. But there was no mother to sing her to sleep, no father to hold her. She shook her head. How childish...She thought. Ami went back, and closed the bathroom door.

She wondered if she'd woken the others up. She glanced over at them. She couldn't see them. She walked round, bumping her leg into the bed so she knew where she was going. She reached the end bed, and knelt by it.

"Mello? Mello-san?" she whispered, her voice choking. She heard the boy roll over.

"Whaaaaaaat?" He moaned. "Zatyou, Matt? Can't see." He mumbled.

"It's me. New girl. You were right. First night's the worst." She said. She heard him shuffled, and saw a shadowy silloette sit up. He patted the bed. She got up, and he squeezed her shoulder.

"Poor kid. You wanna tell me 'bout today?" he asked. Ami told him, and by the end, she was crying, and he was holding her in a tight, one armed hug. "Other people would've screamed and cried for days. You bottled it and took a case file on it. Takes guts, kid. You're alright by me." He said. He gave a 'hmm' to himself, before opening a drawer, and pulling out a large chocolate bar. He opened it, and broke off a large slab of it. "Here. Eat this." He said. Ami smiled at him, nibbling on the chocolate.

"Hey, thanks. I feel much better now." Ami told him. Mello patted her head rather hard, making Ami flinch.

"Sorry. Don't know how to deal with girls." He shrugged. Ami got off of the bed, nd went to the door. She opened it, and jumped. L was crouched by the door, or was it B? Either way, one of them was crouched there.

"Where are you going?" He asked. She gave a sigh, before closing the door, and crouching beside him.

"I don't know."

"Jam?" He asked, ofering her a jam that seemed almost empty already. Ami nodded, putting her hand in, feeling it squech thrugh her fingers, before pulling them out, and licking them. He watched her eat curiously.

"You're strange." He told her, before getting up, and leaving.

"Um, what were you doing here?" Ami asked him. He looked back, and for a moment, Ami thought she saw a flash of red in those dark eyes. He came back, before kneeling, and smiling at her. It seemed quite scary.

"You're the only girl in Wammy's. Why? Because most can't handle the pressure. I came to check you. Goodbye now. We'll probably meet again." He said. He descended the stairs, and Ami watched as he opened the front door. He waved at her. She hurried after him.

"Where are you going?!" She asked him, holding onto his arm. He made her jump again, this time by pulling her into a tight, bone-crunching hug.

"I don't know. Bye." he said, releasing her, and running out, into the early morning light. Ami stood, watching as he climbed the fence, before running again. Ami closed the door, and decided to look around. There was nothing to do now, but wait for morning. She sat on the steps, and fell to sleep there.

The End

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