The Boys

Watari led her to the room where Mello, Matt and Near slept. Near was sat on his bed, doing a blank jigsaw, and Mello and Matt sat on the floor, Matt playing his game, Mello eating chocolate, and all the while playing cards. They lookd up at Watari blocked the doorway.

"Boys, this young lady will be staying here. Please be nice to her. She's had quite a day." he said, before moving, so Ami could enter. She gave them a little smile. They nodde to her, going back to their devices. Watari sighed. "The bathroom is through there, and your bed is there." He said. Ami went in, placing her bags on the bed. and looking about. Each boy had a single bed, with a chest of drawers beside it. A lay sat on the top of each. Inbetween the bed and the drawers was a small table. The covers had different sheets; Matt's were Mario, Mello's were a dark, luxurious brown, and Near's were simply white. The bed he had pointed to had no covers or quilt, only two rather plump pillows. "You'll find the bedding in the bottom drawer." he told her, before leaving. Ami nodded.

She felt slightly uncomfortable, but all the less, she took out a pair of navy, silky pyjamas, and went into the bathroom to change. She washed her face, and tied her hair into a ponytail, before returning. She put her bags under her bed, while she took a thick, cold quilt from the bottom drawer. She also found three different bedding covers. One was an almost fuzzy grey one, with matching pillow cases, another was a shady purple, and felt lightly coarse against her skin, and the last was a shiny black one, with silver round the edges. She quickly put the covers on the quilt and pillows, before setting them out neatly. She took her bags back out from under the bed. A bored voice almos made her jump.

"D'you want us to help you unpack? Well, actully, Mello's asking, he's uust to shy to-Hey!" Matt groaned, as Mello hit him over the head. Ami gave a gentle laugh.

"Thanks, but I'll be fine." She smiled. She opened the top drawer, to put her things away, and frown. A book, with a black leather cover, with red roses with silver vines and thorns twisting all over. Beside it was a plain black pen. That was all. Ami carefully took them out, placing them on the bed. She tucked her clothing away inside, along with her mother's necklace, and her father's ring. She put her laptop in the second drawer, along with her now empty rucksack. She gently placed her music box on the bedside table. She felt curious eyes looking at her. She turned, to see all three boys looking her way. "Something wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing wrong at all." Near said softly, before going back to his puzzle. The other two went back to their games. Watari returned. Ami nodded as he came in. He placed a bowl of strawberries and cherries, dusted with sugar, and a mug of steaming hot chocolate, completely covered with marshmallow, onto her bedside carefully. He wished her goodnight, and departed. Ami smiled, and shook her head. She climbed under the covers, before holding the bowl of fruit on her lap, along with the mug. She offered the fruit around, but no one wanted any. She offered the hot chocolate out also. oth Near and Mello wanted some. Mello glared at Near as he sat on Ami's bed.

"Why are you being so nice?" he mumbled, as he lifted the mug to his mouth.

"I don't know. Beacause I like you guys, I guess." She shrugged, as Mello passed the mug to Near, careful not to touch him. Near seemed more timid that Mello, Ami thought, watching how he took a slight experimental sip, then a larger one, before handing it back. He also seemed uncomfortable with sitting on her bed,  Mello, who was perfectly comfortable smiled contently. Near went back to his own bed, which was next to Ami's.

"You like me? Ha! That's alright, I guess. Most of the other kids think I'm a bully, that Matt's a game freak, and Near...well...I don't like him, so I don't care what they say." He shrugged. "What's that?" he asked, pointing at her music box.

"Just a music box. Anyway, I'm going to try and get some rest. Goodnight." She smiled to him. She was shocked when Mello hugged her, and Near got out of bed to pat her arm. As they both recoiled, Mello gave her a pitying look.

"The first night is always the worst, mate. I wouldn't." He said with a small sigh.

"Catch." Matt threw his DS to her. "Don't change my data on Pokemon. All I'm asking." he said, before climbing into bed. She gave him a silent thank you.

"Why are you being nice to me?" She asked in return. All three looked at her, and what they said made her heart ache.

"We know what it's like." With that, the lights were turned out, and there was silence.

The End

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