The World's Greatest Detective

The room was empty, apart from a computer on the floor, a bed in the corner, a pile of sweets, and a person sat by the computer. He turned round. Ami bowed to him politely. He looked alot like B, apart from he wore a white top, instead of black, his hair was scruffier, and the bags beneath his eyes were more pronouced. He stirred a cold cup of coffee with a long finger, before picking it up and drinking it.

"You must be Miss Ami. I am L." He said simply. Ami held back a gasp. She had never imagined actually meeting him. "I'm sorry to hear about your parents." He told her, as he stood. He offered his hand to her. She shook it politely, but due to it being rathersticky, she took a handkercheif from her trouser pocket, and wiped her hand. Surprisingly enough, L did similarly. "Then, the matter at hand. This place is called Wammy's House. It's an orphanage for children who are way above natural intelligence. From what Watari has told me, you have the startings of a great detective."

"He...he told you that?"

"Oh, yes. Now it's time to see why he thinks that. Now, from looking into this case, I see that these killings are all connected, since they are in the same general area, and this person is also targetting families, but not the children. Now, please tell me your thoughts." He said, sitting back down. Watari left the room.

"Well...I have taken down some notes of all of the recent killings, all thirteen, the last two being my own mother and father. I've noticed that the first and last homocides have been violent. The others seem to have been committed while everyone else slept. I also believe that something changed on the eleventh killing, that of the eighteen year old boy. You see, there was a blow to his head. The rest were all stabbed. Also, on the eighth, he killed an infant, but not by stabbing; by suffocation. This isn't the killer's style. Also, at the eleventh, there was a footprint, suggesting that something went wrong, or he became unprofessional. Blood was smeared over the toys, walls and windows of all of the murder scene. This leads me to believe that this killer either enjoys blood, likes mess, or hates being oraganized. all this could suggest a man, most likely with an infant, or young child, with a strict regime. He's probably been in this same regime for a few years, and somethig has triggered him to change it." Ami said, barely getting the last few breathes out. L looked pleasantly surprised.

"Well, Miss Ami, I see why Watari chose you. The only thing I wonder, is why the murderer did too?" he mused to himself, as Watari returned, with two cups of coffee, and a rather large glass pot of sugar cubes, that looked more like a fishbowl. "How many do you have?" L asked. Ami shrugged.

"I'll have what you're having." She smiled politely. He nodded, before grabbing two handfuls of sugarcubes, and put a handful each in each cup. Seeing that he had long fingers, and quick large hands, this was quite alot. Ami stirred hers in, Before taking a sip, she had prepared herself for it to hit her hard, but it never did. She continued to drink, and listened to L talk. He was sat sort of strangely, and Ami questioned this. 

"If I sit otherwise, my deductive rates will go down by 40%."  He told her. She nodded. He wasn't sat, persay, more perched on the balls of his bare feet, knees up to his chest, hunched slightly, as Ami sometimes did. Ami tried sitting like he did. She wobbled slightly, but she managed it. L seemed delighted by this.

"Miss Ami, I would like you to participate in this case. Also, I believe you should take up a new name. Everyone else here has."

"Then, L, sir, I shall. And I'd very much like to help in this case."

"Yes, well. I wouldn't want you to be alone in a large place like this on your first night. Watari, have you any suggestions?"  He looked up.

"Miss Ami has already met Matt, Mello and Near. There is also a spare bed in that room."

"Then it's settled. Watari, would you please show Ami to her room?" L asked. As Watari and Ami turned to leave, L called out. "Oh, Ami? Is there anything you like? You see, Mello likes chocolate, Matt, games, and Near, toys. I myself have a great love or sweet things. Is there anything you'd perhaps desire?" He asked. She turned.

"I like cherries and strawberries. And hot chocolate with marshmallows. Those are really the only foods I enjoy. Other foods just sustain my body. They're the only things I could partially love, apart from my family and my computer." She told him, before turning again.

"Aren't there any friends who are dear to you?" he asked. Ami looked at the floor.

"No. I was always an outcast. I liked others. They didn't like me." She said, before the two left. L watched as they left. He looked back at his computer. What a sad girl.

The End

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