Another Surprise

The drive seemed to take forever. There was silence for the entire way, apart from B in the backk, happily eating his jam. He put his hand into the front at one point, holding a small jar.

"Here. It's cherry." He said. She took it, and looked back at him with a smile. He just nodded. Ami undid the lid, and put her finger in, bringing the sticky jam to her mouth. The sweetness hit her hard, and made her whole skull buzz.She continued to eat it, until it had finished. She put the jar into her bag, and took the music box from her pocket. She stroked it softly. It would have been given to her by her mother on her sixteenth birthday, as traditional had held, for four generations.

They finally pulled up outside of a extreamely large house. By now, it was dark out. Watari got out, opening the doors first for B, then Ami. They led her into the house. It was amazing inside. Ami looked around in awe.

"You're so annoying!" Someone shrieked.

"It's not my fault you're easily enraged." said another, calmer voice. Watari sighed. He took off his coat and hat, placing them on a pole by the door. To Ami's surprise, he was an elderly man.

"You're so noisy, Mello." Muttered someone else. Three children came round the corner, and almost froze when they saw Ami, B and Watari. Two seemed to be only a little younger than Ami, while the last seemed to be three or four years younger.

One had blonde hair that cupped his face, with dark, annoyed eyes. He was dressed all in black, and was eating a chocolate bar.

The one beside him was playing a video game. He was slightly taller than the first. He was dressed in a striped shirt, and blue jeans. A pair of goggles hung around his neck. He had dark reddish brown hair, and slightly bored looking green eyes.

The last, and youngest, wore purely white pyjamas. His hair was also white, and his skin was also as pale. His eyes were black, however, and he gave away none of his emotions as he looked at Ami, twirling a lock of hair round his finger. Ami bowed to them slightly.

"What are you doing up, boys? The rest of the children are asleep." Watari asked. The three approuched.

"L's got a new case, hasn't he? We wanna help. That is, me and Matt wanna help. Near's just following us." He sneered. Watari gave the boy an almost warning glance.

"I'm going to bed." B said, stretching. Ami and Watari bid him goodnight. The three children approuched.

"Who are you? Are you and orphan like us? I'm Mello. that's my best friend Matt." Mello, the blond asked, pointing at the redhead. Ami nodded. Sadness hit her. Mello frowned at her, before looking down. "Sorry."

"No, no, it's fine. It only happened today; I'm a bit sore, that's all." she smiled. The white haired boy put out his hand. Ami smiled, and took it, shaking it gently.

"My name is Near." he said, in a monotone voice.

"Look at him, Matt, he's sucking up to the new girl! God, you're so damned annoying, Near!" Mello shouted, grabbing Near in a headlock.

"As I said before, it's not my fault that you're easily enraged, and I am not sucking up. I am simply being polite." he answered from his headlock.

"Mello, won't you please release him?" Ami asked, touching the boy's arm softly. He hesitated, before letting go. "Thank you. I don't like violence, unless it's self defence, you see." She explained. Mello nodded.

"Miss. Please come this way." Watari said. Ami followed him up three flights of stairs. The three boys followed. Watari knocked on a door.

"Come in." Said a voice from within. Watari turned to the three boys. Mello sighed before running off, the other two walking behind him. Watari opened the door, and he and Ami stepped inside.

The End

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