An Unwelcome Surprise.

Ami and Watari walked towards her house. Both supported three bags of purely sweets, coffee and sugar. Ami stopped. Watari stopped beside her.

"Mr. Watari. I think I need to go alone, now." She said, her voice faultering, giving him his bags. She took out her camera, and inhaled deeply. Watari watched as she continued to a house where the door was already wide open. He walked slowly behind her. He stood in the doorway.

"Miss Ami? Are you alright?" He called. He heard sobbing. He turned a corner, and saw Ami, hand over her eyes, crying. All Watari could see from his current position was a hand. He walked forward.

The cream carpet was dyed crimson. The limbs of the two had been used to paint the walls and floor. The bodies themselves were nowhere to be seem. Ami put her hand down, and while still shuddering, she turned on her camera. Watari called the police, while Ami continued to take pictures.

You will probably be thinking; 'Is this child sick? She's taking pictures of her death parents limbs and blood?' The answer to that would be, 'I don't know.' It was true, she was fine taking photos in the other crime scene, taking down notes and flicking through pages of police files, and this would be almost the same. She carfully stepped on the cream patches, following a trail of blood to the kitchen, and bathroom. She screamed. Watari put down his bags, and hurried to her. He entered the bathroom, and finished the call to the police. Ami had broken down on the floor, sobbing, her book by her side, and her camera hanging from her wrist. Watari knelt beside her, a hand on her shoulder.

In the bath, the limbless bodies of Ami's parents lay, eyes wide open. Her mother, who still had one arm, seemed to have been trying to climb out. Her arm and head lolled out of the bath. She seemed to be almost smiling.

"Miss Ami, you can't stay here. We need to go outside." Watari told her softly. Ami looked up at him. She still couldn't see his face. She swallowed, and stiffed. He helped her stand, for she was shaking madly, and she picked up her book. She took up her camera.

"No. Not yet. I need is as brutal as the first killing. Perhaps...someone had a grudge?" She almost whispered, as she took photographs. Watari almost smiled. This girl was still trying to rationalize her own parents murder. That took some guts not to just collapse completely. "Yes. I think that he's a local. Everyone knows everyone in this village. That way, he could come as a friend, go as a killer. Don't you think, Mister Watari?" she asked, turning her camera off, before taking some notes down. He turned, to go to the door.

"That's some rather rational thinking, young lady." He said.

"Not really, sir." She answered, rubbing her damp eyes. "I think we should go upstairs, to look for anything there." she said. He gave a nod. Ami gave a shuddering sigh. She led him up back to the door, and up the stairs. He brought his bags and laptop with him.

Nothing had been touched upstairs. Ami sighed, sitting on her bed. Watari stood at the door. She looked around.

"I'm going to have to leave this place, aren't I?" she asked. Watari nodded. She gave a sniff, before going to her desk. "Well, I guess I should gather up some things." She said. On saying this, Watari watched as she put her laptop into it's bag, along with some camera leads, and a memory stick. She packed a rucksack full of clothing, deodrants and essentials, apart from food. She took one last look around, before going into her mother and father's room. Watari watched again as she opened her mother's jewellary box. She took out a silver necklace, with an oval of amethyst set in silver, a ring; a simple band of gold, and a smaller, almost egg-shaped box.

It was made from porcelain, decorated with black roses and violets. Its three tiny golden stand glinted. She opened it, and a tear ran down her cheek. Watari realized how sad she really was, how much she was trying to hide it, as a golden music note spun slowly round to a sweet, tinkling melody. She closed it again, holding it to her heart. She placed it in her pocket, before giving a sigh.

"Alright. Let's go." She said, as she quickly put her black book into her rucksack, shifted it up her back, and took a tight hold of her heavy laptop case. Watari led the way.

After that, they stood, and waited.

The End

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