Watari And The Computer

Ami just stood there. This man was Watari, the only man who knew the whereabouts, and how to contact, L. She gulped, before giving a slight bow.

"Miss. What were you doing on the crime scene?" he asked her. She couldn't see his face properly. He had a black hat on, and a long black coat. A laptop was tucked under his arm. Ami gulped. This would be harder to explain. She knew who this man was.

"I just...I live a few streets away, and I heard about this...I wanted to do some research, find anything that might help with the case. I...I'm sorry. If you don't believe me, you can check my latest notes and photos." She said, offering the book out, her camera round her wrist. He took the book, and handed her the computer. he also took the camera. He looked through the book, and through the photos.

"These are rather good, child. How long have you been reasearching?" He asked. He sounded almost impressed, looking through the pictures of the slaughtered people.

"About three and a half years, now, sir. And thank you sir." Ami said, a feeling of pride in her chest. "Ah, excuse me, sir? Who was that man? The one with the jam?" She asked.

"That was an aquaintence of mine. Please pay him no mind. What are your thoughts about the scenes?" He asked her, handing back the book and the camera, taking the laptop back.

"Well, sir, I believe that this killer enjoys the murder. I believe he also likes to make a mess of things, or that he enjoys the sight of blood, which is smeared on the walls, and some possessions of the victims. I also believe, despite the eight killings he had made already, the three inside making eleven, that he is unexperiance. Why would anyone leave a footprint behind, unless he forgot, or wants to be caught. Also, after that shoe print, I believe he may have discarded his shoes, since there are no more tracks. I also say he, because the size of the shoe and the amount of blood on the floor shows me that this was a man, with a size eleven foot, and seems to be quite heavy strided." She told him. The man said nothing.

"That was very impressive young lady. Do you wish to follow this as a career choice?" he asked, after a while.

"Yes, sir. I want to be a great detective, or a behavioral analisist for the FBI."

"That's a good choice for you. Would you allow my to escourt you home? I doubt your parents know where you've been." He said. Ami gave a nervous laugh. She watched as Watari took out a phone, and called someone. "Hello. I'm just making a detour. Yes. I'll be sure to pick them up on the way. Goodbye." He looked back at Ami. Or se thought he did. With that hat, it was hard to see where he was looking.

"You wouldn't mind us making a detour to the shops, on the way, would you? I need to pick up some sweets."

The End

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