75% Trustworthy

Not long after finding out this information, Ami set up a few firewalls and detecters, before turning her computer off, and climbing into her large bed. Closing her eyes, she felt excitement pitting in her stomach, but also a sense of unease. Perhaps she would actually meet him? Or the one who could contact him, Watari? She hugged herself, before drifting into an uneasy sleep.


On waking to the sound of a quiet alarm, Ami rubbed her eyes, punching it, so hard it jumped, falling off of her bedside table. She had woekn up three hours early, no, two hours and fifty seven minutes. She nodded to herself, climbing out of bed, making it neatly. she opened her waradrobe, and pulled out a pair of black jeans, good for moving around in, and a red blouse, which she tucked in neatly. She took out a thick black book, in which she kept all of her reaserch in.

You might say she was odd, for a fourteen year old girl. And you'd be right, she was. She copied down old cases, characteristics of killers, and what my drive them to kill. She pulled a clean black coat of, and put three fountain pens in her pocket. she checked herself in the mirror, brushed her hair and teet, quickly washing her face, and spraying herself with a perfume that smelled like Cherry Drops; a type of candy. She smiled to her parents, who were downstairs. She said she was going out to see some friends, and that she'd be back later, not giving a specific time. After that, she left. She walked round to the crime scene. There were only a few officers there. She slipped past them, entering the house. Ascending the stairs, she went into the master bedroom.

There were two bodies, sprawled across the bed, soaked in their own blood. Ami raised her eyebrows, before taking pictures, and taking notes of all of her surroundings, noting that the key to the bedroom was curled in the woman's hand. She also mused at the fact there was blood streaked across the wall, when there was no way it could've got there. The cuts on the bodies were all wrong. She wrote this down, before moving into the elder brother's room.

It was rather a larger mess in this room. there was blood on the sheets of the bed, wiped against the wall, like someone had leaned on it, and finally, a pool of blood around the victim, who lay face dow on the floor. He had been stabbed five times in the back, and there seemed to be a severe blow to the head, caused by a blunt object. The cupboard door hung open, from when the younger brother had been found with his sister. Again, blood was smeared where it shouldn't be; over a few toys that a young child would have played with, and the window. Ami knelt down. There was a bloody footprint on the floor. She took a picture, before turning round. She was surprised to see a young man stood there.

He had messy black hair, and dark eyes. He wore some scruffy blue jeans, and a longsleeved, black top. He seemed surprised to see her. She gulped.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I just..." She said, with a gulp. "I just live near by, and I'm interested in this sort of thing, and I just wanted to see something like this." She tried to explain. The man simply nodded. He held a pot of jam in hand.

He gave a chuckle. "Kukuku, it's perfectly fine, I came to see for myself what had happened."

"Please don't tell!" Ami begged, holding her book to her chest. The man looked at her curiously, before taking off the lid of the jam, and dipping a finger in and bringing it to his mouth, putting it in.

"I won't tell if you you tell me who you are, and what's in that book." He said, pointing at the book with a sticky finger. Ami looked down at it.

"My name is Ami. I...here." She sighed. She hoped that he wouldn't get the pages sticky. She watched him flick through the book, before giving it back.

"So, you like behavioral analisise, do you? Yes, I see you do. Hmm. I guess you're 75% trustworthy. Yes, I believe so. Please acompany me, Miss." He said. Ami followed, out of pure curiousity. They went out of the building. A man stopped them.

"B-kun." Said the man.

"Watari-sama." He answered, with a respectful nod. He left, to get into a car, but Ami stayed put, looking in awe at Watari.

The End

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