Death, Detectives and Sweets

When Ami hacks into the police case files, she doens't expect to find a report saying that L, the world's greatest detective, and her hero, was taking up a new case right near where she lived.

It was three in the morning, no, three eighteen, when Ami finally hacked into te polic records. She wanted to read about all of the murderers there had been over the years, and the one who had caught them. L.

Ami was sat in her room, hunched in her armchair, sucking on a sweet as she read over some old files. They were truly amazing. There were even a couple of voice journals where L had described the details of the case.

She whipped round, thinking she saw someone. She sighed. Just her mirror. She smiled at her reflection. Her dark brown, almost black, hair fell messily over the back of her shoulders, her blue eyes standing out against pale skin. She wore a white, fluffy dressing gown over a pair of loose black jeans, and a baggy, pale blue long sleeved top, that fell off one should, revealing a black bra strap underneath. Her eyelid felt heavy, but she turned back, and continued to read.

She finished one file, before opening another, alogside a newpaper report. Ami's jaw dropped. The newspaper report read:

Mass Murderer Strikes Again

Last night, another family was killed in their home. The Thompsons were found dead in their bedrooms. The only survivors were eight year old Sam Thompson, and his thirteen month old sister, Ysabelle Thompson. The two were found locked in a closet in their elder brother's room. The elder brother, Simon, of eighteen years old,  was the only one who seemed to put up a struggle. Sam and Ysabelle Thompson have now been put into care of their aunt and uncle.

Ami continued to read, and saw that tis murder wasn't commited too far from her own home. It had happened seven streets away. What was strange to Ami, is that she had read other reports like this, giving more detail, and mostly, this killer was using the same weapon, and the same style. He always left one alive, this time, two. Always children. How odd. What significance did children have to him? There was one thing that excited Ami more than anything.

L was working the case.

The End

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