Head StartMature


I pushed past Ghost sprinting down a hallway and turning right, he kept right on my tail. Gunfire tore past me but I didn't stop, I had to get out alive. A beam of light reflected onto the wall ahead of me, the sound of rain echoing in the distance. Sprinting I skidded around the corner and plowed right into two guards. My AK flew from my hand and clattered some distance away. The guards shouted, trying to recover. Without thinking, I wrapped my arm around one of the guard's neck.

Bringing him in front of me, the other guard brought his gun up trying to get a shot at my head. Reaching onto my hostages belt, I grabbed his sheathed machete and chucked it at the armed guard. Blood exploded across my face as the over sized  blade landed in the man's neck, severing his artery. I jerked my arm to the right, snapping the remaining guard's neck. A whistle sounded, causing me to spin around. Ghost was standing there, half  amused. 

"What?!" I growled picking up a nearby AK. Ghost shook his head and started towards the exit. Immediately, I stepped before him blocking the exit. Ghost raised an eyebrow and I raised my rifle. Ghost held up his hands and shrugged, shouldering his weapon. 

"I'm giving you a ten second head start. After that, your just another target that needs a bullet to the brain." Ghost sighed. 

"Are you bloody serious?" 

"Ten, Nine-" 

"Gone." Ghost shouted sprinting past me and into the thunder and rain outside. I  lowered my rifle and continued to count down. Six, five, four, three, two, one. Taking a deep breath, I walked out into the bone chilling rain. The exit had lead to the opposite side of the stadium not far from the smoldering helicopter remains. I gazed around hoping to catch a glimpse of Ghost, fortunately for him, I didn't see anyone. A pistol cocked and cold steel pressed against my left cheek. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a familiar friend behind the silenced black pistol. 

"Roberts." I said indifferently, the man smiled and kicked the rifle from my hands. 

"You of all people should have known I'd come after you. Especially after that helicopter stunt you pulled. My boss is very angry and when he's angry, so am I. So here's how it's going down. I'm going to kill you and there's nothing your going to do about it." The silencer pushed further into my jaw, digging into my skin. My body tensed, I'd only have one shot. Roberts's finger curled around the trigger as time slowed. I leaned back slapping the pistol forward with my left hand. A silenced shot rang out as I grabbed Roberts's arm and twisted it. He cried out sharply, releasing the pistol to the wet earth. Tossing the man to the ground, I jumped for the gun. 

"REAPER!" Roberts shouted as grabbed the gun, leveled it, and shot. His head jerked backward in a cloud of red. Great, now I'd have the C.I.A on my tail too. Turning to the stadium exit, I took off into the city. I'd retrieve my gear and catch a ride home to Moscow, somehow... 

The End

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