I aimed my weapon down the hallway, five dead soldiers in front of me. The others crouched around a corner, chattering. A soldier peeked around the corner, his forehead exploding. The soldier slumped down, the others yelling. Where's the exit?

Slowly, I backed away from the corner and quietly turned around, aiming at a short hallway with a door at the end. I crouched by the door and turned the handle slowly, pulling the door open. The door flew open, slamming into my chest, throwing me to the ground. My ak-47 skidded behind me. A tall, muscular man stood in front of me, dropping his ak-47 with a grin and drawing out a machete.Panicking, I kicked his left knee, hard. It snapped backwards, making him scream and fall onto his ak-47. Soldiers yelled "GO, GO!" 

I stood up and sprinted down the hallway, sliding on my side before I reached the end. Bullets smashed into the walls, creating clouds of dust. I crouched and turned left, seeing a soldier facing me with his gun down. He screamed as I sprinted towards him, raising his gun. I slid on my side as he fired above me, taking out his legs. He hit the ground behind me as I stood back up, taking another left. It's a fucking labyrinth!

I skidded around another corner to see three soldiers aiming away from me. Two turned in slow motion, shells ejecting from their guns, bullets slamming into the concrete to my right. I somesaulted and punched the nearest soldiers groin and grabbed his gun, pulling it over my soldier. The soldier flew over my shoulder and finally let go of his gun. My hands released the gun and planted on the ground, pushing me backwards into the soldier behind me, breaking his kneecaps. He fell over me in pain, letting go of his gun. I caught in in midair and aimed at the remaining soldier, seeing his body falling through the air. That's Reaper. I pivoted and saw the other soldiers were now suffering the same fate. I turned and saw Reaper aiming his gun at me. He bit his lip and slowly lowered his weapon. Behind him slouched Fishner in a corner. Reaper asked "What way is out?"

I behind me, hearing twenty footsteps down a hallway. I pointed "That's our way out."

The End

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