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"That's your plan?" I scoffed, sitting against a wall, Ghost nodded his head. I couldn't believe it. Start a fake fight to get the guards to come in the room, most likely armed. Use our restraints to kill them, steal their weapons, and escape. What a plan!  

"And Fishner?" I grunted, my eyes shut. Ghost chuckled, his footsteps pacing the room. 

"I'm getting my ass out of here. Whether you follow me or not, why, were you hired too?" Looking up to Ghost I stood. The Australian may have been inches shorter than me but he made up for height with tenacity. 

"I was given a job and I'm sure as hell gonna finish it." He stared at me for a moment then looked away. I couldn't expect Ghost to understand the honor code I held myself to. I was fulfilling my mission, even if he wasn't. 

"You know, I never got your name..." Ghost mentioned as he grabbed the restraints, tossing me one. 

"Reaper." I stated, to a curious look. "You ready?" Ghost nodded. Smiling, I lunged landing a full force punch to the face, tossing him to the ground. His eyes widened as he got up from the ground, I wasn't holding back. This was payback for all his earlier stunts. Ghost growled as he tackled me to the ground, throwing left and right punches. Quickly, I brought my leg up, catching him in the groin. He gasped falling off me. As I went to land a kick in his side, Ghost thrust a boot into my stomach,  knocking the air from my lungs. I hit the ground with a heavy thud, feeling a warm trickle of blood fall from my lips. We both stood facing off, I could hear guards shouting from behind the door. I gave a quick nod to Ghost, he nodded back.

Three guards burst into the room, the slam of the door echoing loudly. Two of the guards split, pushing Ghost and I on opposite walls. They were shouting and spitting, now was our only chance. The guard's rifle was slung loosely around his arm, in a swift movement I pulled a chain around his neck and pulled up the rifle. Shoving the barrel into his side, I pulled the trigger, sending a burst of bullets through his chest and into the third guard. Kicking the body aside, I looked up to Ghost who had snapped the second guards neck. 

Snatching his AK-47, we took off into the maze of underground hallways. I sprinted ahead, sliding around the corner to catch a group of guards unaware. I quickly unloaded the clip into the small group. Ghost reached my side as the last man dropped. 

"What's going on?" A familiar voice asked, stepping from a nearby room. Fishner walked out and froze, his face was almost pure white. He spun on his heels and sprinted down and adjacent hallway, I trailed after him with Ghost following me. 

"Kill them! Kill them!" Fishner shouted as he ran past groups of guards. 

"Get Fishner!" Ghost shouted taking cover from the heavy incoming fire. "I'll get rid of these fools and escape." I nodded sharply and took off after Fisher. Hallway after hallway passed before I finally had him, trapped in a dead end. Fishner spun around, his eyes flicking wildly around looking for a non-existent escape.

" don't have to kill me. I'll give you anything; money, women, power, whatever you want I can get it!" he pleaded falling to his knees. I grinned taking a step closer, brandishing a weapon I had taken from a dead guard. Pushing the barrel into Fishner's quivering gut, I stared straight into his eyes. 

"You've cause me enough pain you little bastard. You're lucky I don't have a knife, else I'd behead you but this gun will do." I pressed the trigger, bullets riddled Fishner's body sending a spray of blood against the wall. Just to be sure I put an extra two rounds into his head. Turning around, I cursed. Three guards blocked my escape. 

"I'll give you one chance to move!" I growled, I had to get out. 

The End

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