What others can not doMature


   Water dripped somewheres, splating against the floor. Groaning, my eyes slowly opened, meeting resistance from something dried on my head. The room looked small and blurry with concrete walls and a hot water tank. I blinked a few times and tried to touch my forehead. My arm stopped, limited by something hard and cold. Looking at my arm, I found chains and rope binding me to a steel chair. A drop of blood fell of my forefinger into a pool of blood on the floor. That's a lot of my blood, that's a lot...where am I?

I leaned forwards and cried out in pain as my stomach opened. My eyes looked down, seeing blood soaked bandaging on my stomach. An Arabic voice outside my room yelled "Arah al hama!" 

A moan escaped my lips "What?" 

  Moments passed before a door slid open, light spilling into the room. A man walked in and growled "You have a lot to tell me assassin." 

That's Fishners voice... how did he fin- wait, the Russian.

Fishner asked "Who are you working for?"

Need to... make him think I know, survive.

A moan escaped my lips "Your mother after she saved enough money from the pi-" Fishner waved a knife "Sorry, meant street."

      Fishner laughed and stated "Do you know why I am so powerful in this country? It's because I have the will to do what everyone else can not" Fishner whistled.

An adult pushed two six year old boys into the room, kicking them to their knees. Fishner traced his knife on the one boys cheek and stated "Physical pain did not work for the other and the definition of insanity is trying the same thing twice, praying for a result." 

Fishners knife sank through the boys cheeks and dug into his teeth. My heart slowed to a stop as my eyes widened. Fishner put three fingers up. One finger fell down. I swallowed and shakily said "I don't know!"

Fishner yelled "This is no game!" A tooth popped out of the boys mouth, falling onto the floor with a string of blood. Fishner took his knife out of the boys cheek and threw his hands up "Give me something assassin!"

My eyes went blurry as he put his knife around the boys throat, cutting deep. He tossed him down and yelled "Will this one suffer?! Decide!" A bank account number, if I give him that it'll take a long time for him to verify. He will have to keep me alive..

"ALRIGHT, they told me to take money out of a Burkmans bank account, numbers 34,1234...521".

Fishner frowned and grabbed my chair, dragging me out of the room and down a hallway. He opened a door, revealing the Russian tied to a chair, lying sideways on the floor. His eyes opened slightly and followed me as Fishner let my chair fall beside the Russian. He stated "No bullshit or more children will follow." 

The door slammed, darkness consuming the room. My heart started beating faster as I tried to pop a knife out of my shoe. The Russian mumbled "You should be fucking dead."

The knife sprang out of my left shoe, stopping below my toes. I started cutting my rope and said "You've obviously been blacklisted. It won't take too long for them to hear about the helico-"

The Russian yelled in English "You want me to fucking help you?!"

I carefully controlled the fury in my voice "Listen sunshine, if we don't work together, we die. We are both too wounded to take on an army by ourselves, not to mention we are dead if Fishner survives. Our bloody employer will come after us!"

The Russian carefully controlled his intense fury and said "...Alright."

A grin crossed my face "Alright, here's the plan."

The End

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