Sarah ducked behind a seat as a Russian military helicopter landed. Rain started pouring faster, cleaning the sweat of my forehead. Shit, these Russians are going to kill me! Seriously, who brings a helicopter?!

The Russian walked out of his helicopter with his hands up. A white man confidently walked up to the Russian. Sarah slowly raised her camera over her seat, flipping her screen down. My eyes narrowed at the screen as the camera zoomed in, the laser mic quietly repeating their words. A white voice warmly said "rk at the embassy?" 

The rain started scrambling the laser mic. The Russian stated "It goes good, sir. Roberts... o clue."

The white man turned around, a scar across his forehead. That's actually Fishner?!

Rain fell harder as Fishner said "I'm gl...erican...llige... gath...c...".

The voices stopped as the two kept walking. Sarah shook her head "Sorry, too much rain."

The Russian started scanning the stadium for us. My hand pulled Sarah's camera down. Sarah opened her mouth to protest and quickly shut it. I slowly looked over the stands to see the two continue to talk, the Russian scanning the other side of the stadium. Frowning, I tapped Sarah's shoulder and stated "Sorry, but this is where my co-operation ends."

Sarah growled "I don't have a story!"

Guilt momentarily set in, being quickly replaced by fury. My face clenched as I furiously answered "The Russians here! For all I know, he's here to protect Fishner and unless I take Fishner out now, I won't get another chance! Sorry, but I'd like to live more then have what I am being released!"

 I crawled to a seat in front and ejected the clip underneath my ak-47, the slide covering the underside of the bullet in the chamber. Slightly lightened, I aimed my gun at Fishners head seventy meters away. Please be accurate for once! 

My finger slowly wrapped around the trigger as I exhaled. My finger pulled the trigger. The chamber exploded, throwing bits of the bullet into my head and ear. Fishner yelled and his guards started firing at my side of the stadium. Groaning, I tossed my broken weapon down and crawled underneath the seats, making my way back up to the top of the stadium un-noticed. A loud whirring cut through the air along with a boom of thunder. I finally reached the soldier I knocked out earlier and took his weapon, looking for Sarah. Where the hell are you?! Giving up, I crouched and looked over the seats, seeing a Russian helicopters nose pointed right at me. I rolled forwards as the seat behind me exploded with gunfire. I rolled of the stadium and grabbed the ledge, praying. The helicopter roared above me and turned around. Give me a break!

I pulled myself up and jumped over an aisle, crouching. An explosion knocked the wind out of me as I flew into the air, hitting into a seat. I rolled over the seat and slammed into the concrete, moaning. Blood oozed out of the freshly opened wounds in my stomach and right arm. I slowly stood up to see a crater in the top of the stadium and the helicopter hovering overhead, a camera pivoting back and forth. Frowning, I aimed at the camera and squeezed of half a clip of ammo. The camera finally broke, revealing wiring and broken falling glass. Try to find me now!

I peeked over the seat to see soldiers advancing up the steps to my side of the stadium. Half a minute passed and the rain intensified, blurring everything in sight. Thunder shook the earth as lighting lit the stadium. A shaking soldier walked by my shadow, nervously throwing his gun every direction possible. He reached the top of the stadium and looked over the edge, whining. I somersaulted behind him and grabbed his neck, twisting it into an unnatural angle. With my help he slumped backwards onto the ground, a grenade falling out of his pocket. My left hand gripped the grenade. It's all I have against that helicopter.

The End

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