The truck door slammed as I sat in the drivers seat, turning the key. The engine spun up and died. Sarah asked "Can you actually protect me from Fishner?"

An annoyed laugh escaped my lips as I turned the key again "Yeah, that bloke doesn't-" the truck roared to life "Stand a chance. All he's got is a bunch of kid diggers."

"What's a dig-?"

The truck pulled forwards and started speeding north. I answered "Sorry, a diggers a soldier."

"Why couldn't you just tell me that?"

"I'm used to talking to more Aussies."

Sarah mumbled "You didn't fake the accent?"


"Don't ya think that could help narrow down who you are?"

I smiled at the her absurdity "There are twenty five million Australians, so, I'm feeling pretty safe." A five story stadium came into view not far away to the right. My grip tightened on the steering wheel until I found a road to the right. I turned the truck and soon sped by the road leading directly to the stadium. Soldiers guarded the front and only allowed a cart to go through. Sarah pointed "We can sneak in under the cart."

I quickly dismissed the idea "Na, we need to go through the sewer."

Sarah laughed "I don't think they have sewers in Mogadishu."

"Why are so happy?"

"Well, we're kinda close to a sweet recording with you excluded of course."

I mused "What exactly is going to stop you from putting my face all over the bloody news?"

Sarah cutely stated "My word, unless that ain't good enough for ya."

I bluffed "If you put me on the news, you'll find a few of your family members have been found in the sewer." I stopped the truck and pointed at a manhole. "I bet you that only leads to the stadium."

Sarah opened her door and scurried over to the manhole, lifting it of the ground. I jumped out of the truck and followed her as we went into the sewer. A horrible smell greeted me along with darkness. I dropped from the ladder and something crunchy and wet surrounded my ankles. Sarah turned on a pocket flashlight and groaned. With a hint of disgust, Sarah asked "What's to stop Fishner from having guys down here?"

"Nothing, I'm relying on luck right now, which already seems to be paying out with your flashlight." 

I shouldered my ak-47 and we began walking through the sewer. We took a right and saw a ladder forty meters ahead. I grabbed the ladder and started climbing up. I slowly lifted the manhole to see a twenty year old soldier sitting on a bench, smoking a cigarette two feet beside me. At least you can't smell me. I looked around the room, seeing lockers and a few toilets. My legs slowly pushed me out of the sewer and crouched beside the man, urine dripping of my pant legs. The soldier froze. I grabbed my ak-47 with both hands and swung it into the side of his head, causing a loud thunk. The soldier hit the floor, his pistol falling out of his left hand. I grabbed the pistol and put it in my back pocket, whispering "Sarah, come on up!"

Sarah reached the top of the ladder and started shaking crap of her pant legs. She looked at mine with disgust and shook her head. I quickly shook some urine of my pant legs and walked to the door, ignoring the fecis. I opened the door and saw a hallway, beyond it the center of the stadium, trees growing in the middle with grass. I looked back at Sarah and handed her my pistol. She quickly grabbed it and pocketed it, taking out her video camera, a laser mic sitting on the side. I tapped her shoulder and stated "Keep quiet and follow my lead."

The door opened and we walked down the hallway to see a few soldiers at the top of the stands, watching the perimeter of the stadium. Smiling, I motioned for Sarah to follow me. We walked up the steps to the stadium and made it to the very top, walking right next to a guard. I wrapped my arms around his neck and choked him until he fell asleep. My fist connected to the side of his head, buying me a few more hours. I hid him underneath some seats and motioned for Sarah to lie down. I started "Alright, Fishner ca-"

"Maintain his drug trade without meeting his customers and they won't wanna meet him in here where he has the upper hand. So, he'll meet them just outside the stadium to keep himself safe and his customers happy." Sarah unfolded a bi-pod and planted her video camera, wrapping plastic around it.

I grinned "Right, once you got what you need, go back through the sewer and I'll kill Fishner."

The clouds darkened and light rain began to pour. A loud noise cut through the air.


The End

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