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My eyes flicked from the embassy's door to it's security system. The place was a stronghold, but it lacked any substantial defenses (besides armed guards) on the inside. Sighing, I rested in the cushy chair, closing my eyes, and waiting for Roberts. A soft noise caught my attention, it was my phone. Now what? I scoffed grabbing the phone and answering. 

"Reaper." An exasperated voice shouted from the phones speakers, definitely Thomas. 

"What's going on Reaper?! I've been trying to reach you for hours!" I let the man vent. If I tried to clear my name while he ranted, it wouldn't happen. After about five minutes of yells, whines, and shouts; Thomas fell silent. Swallowing I prepared my answer. 

"I took a night away and sleep in the embassy." It wasn't a lie, I told myself. I just left out that the night was spent in a morgue. Thomas sighed, sounding audibly tired. This was his op after all and if it tanked, I shuddered, Thomas had a reason to be worried. 

"Listen Reaper, the higher ups are worried about Ghost's earlier compromise. They agreed with me to let you take over. We're shutting down any help we had out there for Ghost and are diverting it to you. This includes the money Ghost was promised." I smiled, more for me. "Just get this done Reaper. Take out Ghost and Fishner. You know what happens when you fail." The line clicked dead. Finally revenge! Shutting my eyes, I pocketed the phone, and sunk deeper into the chair. It would still be a hours before the helicopter arrived. Staccato footsteps echoed around the embassy lobby as Roberts stopped before me, a folder in his grasp. He sat next to me, an excited shine on his face. 

"Ghost's location?" The man's eyes shifted away from mine. Massaging my temples, I let a slight growl escape my lips. "Tell me you have something?!" I asked sharply, looking back up to Roberts. He held out the folder, which I took and opened. It was Fishner's C.I.A file. Contained within were photos and a few short papers. Most documented small incidents and were insufficient for any proactive action. Quickly reading it over, I looked back to Roberts. 

"How's this any help? I already knew this."

"We have a...spy...here in the embassy." Roberts whispered, trying not to draw attention. "Find that spy and you have your in to Fishner..." I caught on to the man's train of thought "With Fishner, you'll get Ghost." I nodded, it was an ingenious plot. Crazy enough to work, maybe

"Any leads?" I asked shifting my gaze to some of the embassy staff. Roberts stood and shook his head. He then headed back to his office. I paused with my thoughts, if there was a spy here, the only opportunity he or she would have would be at night. Grabbing my gear, I walked calmly back down the flight of stairs and into a nearby service closet. When the embassy closed, I'd have the spy and a few answers. 


Shifting in the my tight hiding spot, I loaded my rifle and racked the bolt. I always left one in the chamber, call it a habit. One that had saved my life on many occasions. Slowly opening the door, I leveled the rifle with my eyes. The building was completely quiet, shrouded in a cloak of shadows. Checking my corners, I silently crept up the stairs to the abandoned lobby. At night the building held an eerie aura, seemingly foreboding. I hid in a shadowy corner, listening and watching for anything out of the ordinary. A light flicked on and waved back and forth around the embassy. Dropping my N.V.G's over my face, I checked who the person was. A young American female, in a business shirt and slacks moved her flash light around the lobby then turned down a hallway. Removing the NVG's, I followed. For all I knew she had just forgotten something. The last thing I needed was to be compromised. I had already seen what it did to Ghost, blacklisted. 

She walked calmly down the hallway until she reached a door, it read Lucy Mason. I stepped into a small indent in the wall, watching. Another flashlight's flicker appeared from the direction of the lobby. The woman turned, confused. I pressed myself against the small indent as the newcomer past my hiding place, it was just a security guard. 

"What are you doing here ma'am?" the guard asked. The woman fumbled with her purse before producing an I.D. 

"Sorry, I forgot some work. I didn't think it was a problem for me to get it." She said in a slightly defensive tone. The guard chuckled. 

"It's fine, ma'am. Just grab your work and hurry out. No one's really supposed to be here after closing." The woman nodded, hurried into her office, then just as quickly left. A stack of papers in her hands. With the woman gone, the guard continued his patrol. I tagged along behind him, no one was above suspicion. He moved throughout most of the main floor, just waving his flashlight around. But when the man reached a door labeled, Kennedy Roberts, it caught my attention. Checking over his shoulders, the lanky guard pulled a set of keys from his belt and unlocked the door. The second he stepped in, the man moved to a cherry wood desk. First mistake, he forgot the lights. I moved to the outside of the door way and readied my weapon. 

"Hands up!" I barked, spinning around the corner with my rifle raised. The man quickly threw his hands into the air.

"Don't shoot, I'm a security guard." The man shouted instantly. I turned on the lights, allowing me to see this spy. He was about my height, not very muscular, and fairly tan. 

"Slowly drop your pistol, kick it to me." I ordered, keeping the rifle trained between his eyes. The guard did as I said, the pistol slid across the carpet and caught underneath my boot. A grin covered my face as I rammed the butt stock into his face. The man's legs went right out from under him, by the time he hit the ground the guard was unconscious.


It took the man twenty minutes to wake up, allowing me time to drag him to the morgue and strap him to a chair. His eyes fluttered then his gaze fell upon me.

"What do you want?!" he asked desperately. I touched the red end of a jumper cable to a battery. His screams pitched shrilly off the walls. Echoing after I stopped the flow of electricity. 

"I'll ask the questions!" I allowed my Russian accent to bleed through, adding a hint of venom to my words. He shook his head, sweat pouring from his body. 

"I don't know what you're talking about." There was a hint of mocking sarcasm in his voice. Shrugging my shoulders, I touched the circuit again. The guards face clenched tightly, his body convulsed. Again, I released the electricity. 

"Still have amnesia?" The man took heavy, gasping breaths. His eyes reached mine, he couldn't last much more. 

"Go to hell!" he spat. I smiled, stood up and stepped next to the man. "Wh..what are you gonna do?!" Tapping the cables together, I yielded a few sparks that he flinched at. 

"I'm gonna attach these to your balls and wait till you explode. If you have nothing I need. You're better off dead!" The man's eyes shot open. 

"NO! No! Wait, I know everything! Just ask! Please don't do that!" I nodded setting down the cables. The guard proceeded to explain that he had been a spy within the embassy for the past few years, helping to make evidence and incriminating documents go missing. Everyday he would report to Fishner and give him anything that was taken from the embassy. 

"Where is he?!" I demanded. 

"In the stadium, there's got a concrete safe room underground that Fishner uses!" 

"Thank you!" I retrieved the spy's pistol, chambering a round. 

"You...you said you weren't going to kill me if I told you everything!" he squealed, shivering at the sight of the pistol. I shook my head. 

"I said that I would watch you explode with jumper cables attached to your balls. I never said anything about a pistol." Turning the firearm at the man, his eyes grew to the size of half dollars. Pressing against the trigger, the bullet flew from the gun and crashed into the man's forehead. Loosing a spray of blood around the room. I never left loose ends.  After tossing the guard's pistol into my gear bag, I shouldered it, and pulled out my ringing cell phone. 


"This is Yuri. Your order's at the Mogadishu airport. I think you're really gonna like it!" Ending the call I hurried off to the airport. I had left a small note by the guard's body. 

This one's actually dead. -Reaper

The End

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