The truck bounced along the dirt road as we came into the center of the city. I tapped Sarahs shoulder "Turn left."

Sarah yelled "You don't want a doctor?!"

"No, I'll be fine!"

Sarah turned left, pressing hard on the gas. I stated "It's alright, they lost us twelve minutes ago."

The truck slowed a little as Sarahs eyes focused on three five story buildings. Sarah mumbled "We're hiding at the Polytechnic University... why?"

I sighed "It was built three years ago and is the best University in the country. Only kids with six bucks can go here for a year and I gotta tell you, that isn't a lot of people. Should be plenty of empty classrooms we can hide in."

Sarah yelled "You're insane!"

"Unless you have a better idea." The truck slowed to a halt as we stopped at the side of the street.

Sarah opened her door "No, I don't."

I stepped out of the truck, holding my side and ak-47. A dead sun gave darkness to the world as we moved to the front of the first campus and pushed the doors open. A hallway greeted us, branching to the left and right. We walked to the left, passing two classrooms with professors scratching on blackboards. A few light bulbs lit the hallway, mostly just candles. After half a minute of walking down the hallway, we found an empty classroom, no mats and no chalkboard. I grabbed the door handle and heard the satisfying click of the lock. Sarah put a hand on her forehead "Know how to get past the door?"

My eyes searched the hallways, looking for any observers. Why did they build such a large university in such a poor city? I reached into my sock and pulled out a few lock picks. I smiled "No worries" while handing my ak-47 to Sarah.

The lock clicked and clacked as I field picked the lock. I turned the handle and the door slid open. Sarah handed me my ak-47 back and sighed "That was quick."

I patted her hand "You thought I just picked noses?" Sarah shoved her left hand into her pocket, hiding a bit of fury. I shrugged and walked into the large classroom. 

Sarah walked in behind me and demanded "Well, what now?"

I sat on a counter and put my ak-47 down. "Sorry, haven't gotten to that yet love."

Sarah threw her hands up "Lo- we almost died back there!"

I smiled "Almost, happens a lot in my line of work."

Sarah scowled, crossed her arms and bitterly laughed "So, what are we supposed to do?"

"Might want to look away for a second."

"Look aw-" I grabbed the piece of shrapnel in my arm and tore it out.

Sarah quickly turned around and walked towards the door. I began wrapping my torn sleeve around the hole in my arm and asked "Whe-"

"I'm gonna get some fresh air, seeing as we're safe." Sarah walked into the hallway.

Fishner can't be at the theatre, I doubt he trusts wooden walls to keep him safe.

I jumped of the counter and followed Sarah, seeing her at the other end of the hall. I yelled "Sarah, what do you know about Fishner?" My feet naturally moved silently towards her.

Sarah stopped and turned to face me "I know he's a warlord. I know he has his own army of child soldiers and a hashish business based in Jowhar." 

I blinked "So, if he's a warlord that's also selling hashish, then he must have dealers on the street that know something about him."

I brushed past Sarah and walked to the medical campus. A few medkits lined the walls in the practice surgery room. My body shook as I tore the piece of shrapnel out of my stomach and put gauze over the wound, along with a bandage. I tore the tourniquet of my right arm and wrapped some sanitized cloth around. Groaning, I walked back to our hiding place and stated "I need to get some rest, we'll take turns every two hours, okay?"

Sarah sighed and mumbled "Fine, hand me the gun."

I grabbed my ak-47 of the counter and handed it to Sarah. She mumbled a thanks as I slid to the ground and slept.



The morning came, sunlight streaming through the classrooms reinforced window. I stood by the door, a little nervous by Sarahs still and silent body. I walked up to her and lightly pushed her back with my foot, causing a low moan. Come on, we have to get moving. I gently asked "Sarah, we have to get moving, if your wouldn't mind?"

Sarah slowly stood up, wiping her cheeks before she turned to face me. 

"Hey, you alr-"

Sarah pushed past me, her voice choked "Yeah, let's go."

I followed her through the college and to our stolen truck. Sarah looked at the blood on the drivers seat and turned around, throwing up. I need to get the keys.

I walked beside Sarah and gently asked "Can I drive?"

Sarah coughed, wiping her lips. She nodded "Yeah, that would be great."

I opened the drivers door and wrapped my sock over my hand, brushing a small amount of glass of the edges of the seat. I sat down and sighed, checking my ak-47. The barrel was lined with rust and hadn't been oiled in months, maybe years. I wish I stole the Russians gun when I had the chance. 

Praying that my gun wouldn't jam, I put the truck into gear and began driving to the market. Sarah asked "Why are we going to the market?"

"We're grabbing a low end street dealer."

"Oh... right."

A small smile crossed my face. "Listen, I would prefer to leave to you in here."

Sarah groaned "No, I'm coming with you."

Dammit, that almost worked.

I looked at her and furiously stated "You have had no training or experience, making you a liability. Not to mention that your death means that the police will be after me. I can not afford to let you die or get kidnapped."

I put the ak-47 into her lap "Push the safety of, here, the rest is self explanatory. Stay put until I get back."

I walked down the market, eyes searching for a dealer in the thick crowd. In the corners, people fought over the dead bodies from yesterday. To my left, two men worked at a stall, selling Hashish. Frowning, I walked up to the sellers stall and grabbed a bag of hashish. I sprinted down the street and down an alley to the left, making sure one of them was following me. I turned around and dodged a fist from the man and grabbed his throat with my left hand. His hands grabbed my left as he gurgled "Just ta-"

"Where is Fishner?"

The mans eyes bulged "Who's Fishner?"

I looked to my left, seeing a fridge. I opened the door and threw his head inside, slamming the door on his head with both my arms. I grabbed my right arm, trying to ignore the pain as blood oozed through the tourniquet. He cried out as I thrust him back into the air, kneeing his stomach. The man cried "I overheard a convers-"


"In the stadium, he's got a concrete safe room underground!"

"If you're lying, I'll come back and beat you until your either dead or useful."

Smiling, I threw him onto the ground and walked back to the truck. Getting into that safe room while protecting Sarah at the same time is gonna be  bloody tricky.


The End

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