The world suddenly went dark. What the fuck just happened? My mind reeled at the events. How Ghost saw me I didn't know, but he was ready, catching me off guard. He shouted to the reporter, taking off into the prison. Gunfire echoed through the building sending me diving for cover. Ghost had taken a few quick shots at me, trying to escape.

"Shit!" If a direct shot didn't hit me, a ricochet would. Two guards bolted past my hiding place. There is no way in hell, I'm letting Ghost escape. Moving behind the guards, I snapped off two shots. Their heads exploded as I pushed past their empty husks. The gunfire grew louder as I sprinted to a door way. Grabbing a spoon from the ground, I peaked it around the corner. A single round smashed into the utensil and drove it from my hand, into a near by wall. Quickly I checked my pistol, full clip with one in the chamber. 

"What now?!" The reporter screamed, obviously she had never been a war zone. Out of my pocket, I pulled a grenade. A cacophony of beer bottles and knocked over tables, signaled the reporter's hasty exit. I would have to get her later. 

"You get out of here, I'll find you after! Just go, go!" Ghost yelled as I chucked the grenade around the corner. Chew on this! The small explosive soared through the air in slow motion. Retreating behind a nearby I waited for the explosion. BOOM! The grenade detonated with a concussive force, metal and glass shards smashed into the wall. Ghost screamed out, the noise of his gun clattering to the ground caught my ear. I took my chance, spinning around the corner, I leveled my gun at his forehead. Ghost had other ideas, kicking an open bottle of beer in my face. The frothy alcohol, blinded me momentarily. My legs tensed as I heard a him near. On instinct I kicked, hard, catching Ghost in the chest and tossing him to the messy floor.

I wiped the beer from my face, glaring at the Australian, he was bleeding from a shrapnel wound in his arm. It ends here! Bringing my silenced pistol to bear, it lined up with between his eyes. Time seemed to fall into slow motion.  Finger tensed on the trigger, Ghost shoved himself up from the floor slamming a heavy foot into my chin. Grunting in pain, I collapsed to floor with blood dripping from my lips. The pistol I had held moments ago, bounced across the floor landing only a meter away. Shooting a quick glare at Ghost, I moved to grab the weapon. He jumped and brought a knee into my head. That's when it all went dark. 

As I reveled in my anger and shame, the sound of voices reached my ears. 

"Are you sure.....yes....ok. Roberts come here." Footsteps echoed as if on hard marble flooring. Then there was silence, I took a deep breath and waited. 

"He looks like hell," a familiar voice chimed in. My eyes shot open as I  sharply sat up. Roberts stood before me along with two other suit and tie men. 

"Where the hell am I?" I snarled in Russian, forgetting where I was. Roberts furrowed his brow while the other men just exchanged nervous glances. Remembering my English, I repeated my question. "Where the hell am I?" Roberts nodded, waving his men away. 

"Your in the morgue, in the embassy. One of the locals brought you here. When we saw you...we thought you were dead. Lucky for you, we had a doctor on staff to look you over. She said you had taken few a nasty blows to the head,plus some bruising and lacerations." Shutting my eyes, I placed a hand on my pounding head, it was bandaged. Ghost had beaten me! My blood boiled at the disgusting thought, I had to find him and the reporter. 

"How long was I out?" My voice was filled with acid as I looked to Roberts. The American shrugged, a hint of fear flashing behind his  brown eyes. 

"As far as we know about seven hours. That's how long ago the locals brought you in. You should be happy that they just didn't dismember and burn you." Wincing in pain, I stood. 

"I'll be happy when Ghost's blood is on my hands and I have my revenge." I snarled. Roberts took and uneasy step backward, then turned and grabbed a black duffel bag. 

"We had one of the agents grab your equipment, if there's anything else you need just let us know." He haded me my equipment. Pulling out my rifle, I racked back the bolt and returned my attention to Roberts. 

"I'm gonna need a pistol, silenced, and Ghosts location." Roberts just stood there staring. "Yesterday!" I barked at the man, nervously, he nodded and scrambled from the chilly morgue. I slung my rifle over my shoulder and checked my pockets, sighing in relief when I felt my phone. Pulling it out, I clicked through the contacts eventually landing on one. Smiling I pressed the call button. It only took one ring for him to pick up. 

"Yuri, here. Who's this?" A man asked in Russian. 

"Yuri, this is Reaper. I 'm calling in that favor you owe me." I replied, my voice stern. 

"What do you need?" he asked  inquisitively. I grinned.

"Get me one of your Mil MI-35's over to Mogadishu, now!" Yuri laughed.

"Pretty big favor eh? Alright, what'd you want for the load out?" Grabbing my bag; I headed out of the morgue, up the stairs, and out into the embassy's lobby. 

"Load it down with everything she'll hold." 

"Give me 36 hours and she'll be there. Good luck Reaper." The line went dead. I looked back at the phone. Thomas is gonna be pissed if he learns I committed without any authorization. Pocketing the phone, I sat in one of the embassy's cushion chairs. Thomas wouldn't have to find out yet, I'd just wait a bit. That would give Yuri the time he needed to get me the gunship. By then I would be cleared and Ghost was gonna receive one hell of a surprise. Revenge was the only thought on my mind.  

The End

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