My cell door opened all the way. I walked out and caught a reflection of a man concealing a silenced gun in the guards sunglasses. My fist slammed into the guards throat as I took two steps to the right. I jumped sideways, my right arm balancing my horizontal position in midair. Both of my feet connected with the guards stomach, throwing him across the narrow hallway and into the man. The man, with no room to step around the guard, fell backwards onto the ground. I stood back up, seeing Sarahs shocked face. I sprinted past her and yelled "Come on!"

I stepped to my right around a corner, seeing an armed guard coming to check on the commotion. He raised his ak-47 too late. I jumped up and kicked his throat, his body falling to the ground. My right foot landed on his forehead, while my left hand pulled his ak-47 out of his limp hand. Sarah sprinted ahead of me. In a second I caught up to her, firing rounds with one hand behind us. A Russian voice cursed, just a little bit behind. We went around another corner to see the admission part of the prison and one door. Six guards ran into the room from outside, aiming guns at us. My left foot kicked Sarahs leg, sliding her to the ground. I slid to the ground and fired rounds into three guards. They slid to the ground while the rest fired too soon as they ran in, their guns kicking up, sending rounds way above our heads. I made short work of the rest and stood back up, looking behind us. A spoon extended around the corner, reflecting my Sarahs face. I fired a round into the spoon, causing it to spin back, hitting the wall with a ping. Sarah got back up and screamed "What now?!"

I yelled back "You get out of here, I'll find you after! Just go, go!"

Sarah sprinted out of the building, knocking a table over, sending beer bottles rolling on the floor. A grenade flew around the corner. Panicked, I slapped it out of the air instead of back at the Russian and out the entrance. Please be far enough away. The grenade exploded, a piece of shrapnel hitting my arm. I yelled, dropping my gun. The Russian rounded the corner, lining his gun up with my position. My foot kicked a bottle of beer into the Russians face, buying me half a second. I somersaulted forwards, and came out of the roll within two feet of him. His leg kicked my chest, knocking my body to the floor. His pistol moved towards my forehead in slow motion. My hands planted behind my head and pushed my body up, slamming my feet into his chin. The Russian grunted and flew into the air, landing on his back with a loud thud, his pistol landing a few feet behind him. I crouched and jumped into the air as he attempted to get back up. My knee slammed into his forehead, knocking him unconscious. Blood dripped onto his head from my arm. If I keep you alive and able, my employer won't send an army after me.

I stood up and noticed a piece of shrapnel in my stomach, covered with blood. In agony, I walked to a dead guard and grabbed his ak-47, running after Sarah. Stone buildings surrounded me, all within ten feet. Gunfire echoed down an alley ahead. Panic stricken, I sprinted and made it to the alley, cursing how narrow everything is in the city. A truck pulled up ahead and sped towards me, gaining speed. My body shook as my eyes searched the alley, looking for anything. A flag moved ahead of me, well above the trucks height. Grinding my teeth, I sprinted and kicked of two walls in the alley, just managing to get a hold of the flag as the truck roared below me, skimming my shoe and tearing down the alley. Cursing, I climbed up the flag, jumping a foot vertically and onto the roof of a building. I grabbed my stomach with my left hand and started jogging. My chest heaved as I searched the alley and found Sarah, hiding behind a wall as two soldiers cautiously approached her. I crouched and shot both of them in the head, ignoring the pain as each shell ejected. I groaned "Sarah, up here!"

Sarah looked at me and yelled "How are we getting out?!"

I looked around and heard the truck roaring back down the alley. I aimed down my sight and waited. The truck tore into the open, my ak-47 spraying the window with rounds. The truck slowed down and tore through a brick wall, stopping halfway through. I yelled "Sarah, you're driving!"

I jumped of the building, falling nine feet. I slammed into the ground, falling onto my side. Groaning, I slowly stood back up and stumbled forwards as Sarah slid the driver out and backed the truck out of the wall. I pulled the passenger door open and sat down, slamming my head back into the headrest. Sarah yelled "What the fuck was that all about?!"

I heatedly yelled back "Ask me anything when we get out!"

A short silence ensued as Sarah navigated the narrow streets, every change in gear causing a grinding noise. I quickly asked "Did you get my gear?"

Sarah shook her head "It was contraband! Besides, I thought you would have time to get new equipment!"

The truck slid sideways onto a highway, kicking up dust. People jumped back, yelling. I felt a bit of relief and regret for not killing the Russian. Hopefully I can square things up with my employer before he finds me. 

The End

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