My hand grabbed the top of the Minaret, pulling me to the small top. I crouched, hovering a hundred feet in the air. My left hand grabbed my monocular, enlarging the Somali National Theatre, a hundred meters away. Child soldiers high on cot pranced around, some spectating a boxing match between two twelve year olds.

Three hours passed, the dying sun scorching my dry and cracked skin. Two hours until it gets dark. Fishner exited the theatre with six guards, all of them checking their corners. Fishner took a left towards down a road towards the market. Smiling, I pocketed my monocular and climbed down the Minaret. I landed on the street and started running towards Fishner. I took a right down a staircase, bumping into a horse and into a straight sprint down an alley. I rounded a corner and saw Fishner walking down a very narrow road. Fishner looked my way and tapped his guard. I stepped back around the corner as bullets impacted the stone. Shit, how did they know?!

I grabbed a spoon and used it's reflection to look around the corner. Fishner sprinted to his left down a street. Two guards stayed behind, aiming at my corner. Frowning, I looked up, seeing a window just high enough to get me to the roof. I jumped and kicked up of the wall, my left hand barely reaching the window. My right hand flicked the safety of my silenced pistol and grabbed the window. I pulled myself up and onto the roof. My feet pushed of the roof and carried me across the narrow street and onto an opposite roof. Gun shots echoed across the road. I ran across the roof, looking at the street Fishner ran down. Fishner came into view, breaking a houses door down. Fishner sprinted inside and out of view as I pulled my pistol out. One of his guards saw me and began raising his gun. Time slowed as I jumped of the roof, firing four rounds into four guards heads, spraying blood against the stone buildings. I hit the ground and somersaulted into the house Fishner ran into. To my right, a lady tumbled down a staircase. Desperate, I sprinted upstairs, to see Fishner jump through a window and out of sight. I sprinted after him, falling out the window and slamming into a wall in the market. My feet slammed into a lady on the heavily crowded street. Fishner yelled "My children, shoot everyone behind me! Soldiers, help me!"

Child soldiers rose from a stall and started shooting into the crowd, covering Fishners escape. I grabbed a smoke grenade and tossed it at the stall, firing a round into it in midair. It exploded, leaving a thick cloud, blinding the kids. I sprinted through the cloud, seeing a sea of crouched people with Muslim hats. Fuck, where is he?!

Soldiers fired rounds behind me, whizzing through fleshy bodies and literally riding on the stone walls to the end of the street. I kept pushing people over until I found the end of the street, which branched into a road. Fishner entered an alley to my left. You could have hid in the crowd sunshine.

I ran into the alley to see a dead end. Fishner faced the wall, trying to climb up. I fired a round through his throat, spraying the wall with his blood. His back hit the dirt, a scarless man with green eyes staring at the sky. I crouched and spun around too late, receiving a rifle butt to my face, blackening the world.


My head ached, along with my back. A bed squeeked below me. My eyes opened, staring at the ceiling. I rolled over to see steel bars, signifying my cage. To my right, a bucket sat with dried crap.

A low voice yelled "This isn't what I wanted!"


A Somali voice answered "You do not own my country!"

"Really? I could get Sharif Ahmed down here to kill him if I wanted to!"

"My president is a noble man like me!"


"He was in a corner, blind to what knocked him out. It is not a fair way for a man to die, nor is it fair to the moral progress of this nation!"

"I'm going to leave before he cuts your neck open." Footsteps echoed down the hallway.

I slid my right hand through the bars of my cell and jammed it, pulling backwards. My left hand located my arm, popping it back in place. I panted and slowly un-jammed my arm. 

Hours passed as I sat on my bed, doing a muppet show with my hands. My left squeeked "Oh, there is Fishner! I have you now! Wait, you-"

My right laughed "Not Fishner?! You've just been played!"

My left hand turned around and shot an invisible man. My right hand cried "Impossible! Blllaaahhhhhh".

A knock hit the bars of my cell. I turned around to see Sarah smiling. I quickly stood up and asked in English "What are you doin here?"

Sarah stated "Just here to get you out."

I laughed "What's the catch?"

"Lemme tag along."

I blinked "Tag along love? I'm taging bloody Fishner, who for all I know, runs this stupid country!" 

Sarah took a few steps back "Is that a bucket?"

"Oh, not forever, soon I'll have to share!"

Sarah tossed her arms in the air "Which is another reason why you should come with me!"

My eyes narrowed "How are you getting me out?"

Sarah sighed "I told the warden I'd publish a gruesome story about Somalia to the western world. He thinks it'll give his country more foreign aid."

A guard walked up to my cell and put a key in, unlocking it. Sarah slowly stated "By the way, you won't ditch me Caleb Albring. If you do, one of my friends will tell my editor your name and what your job is."




The End

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