I woke up, lazily tossing my blanket of my bed. A hot sun lit my room. I sat up and dressed, grabbed my backpack and decided to leave the suitcase behind. I snapped the door open to my room to see the reporter right in my face. Surprise instantly crossed my face. She smiled and cutely asked "I have some questions for ya."

I quickly responded "Not interested love."

I pushed past her, closed, locked my door and walked towards the elevator. The reporter followed closely. She asked "Why are you un-interested in talking to me?"

I laughed "Because you're like a bloody stalker!" I walked into the elevator and pushed the main floor button. 

She followed me in and stated "Have you ever heard of the Burma masacre?" The elevator started to drop.

I leaned against the wall of the elevator and crossed my arms, asking "Sorry, I don't believe you told me your name."

The reporter laughed "It's Sarah Doucet."

I un-crossed my arms and said "Well Sarah, I can't comment on something that I have never heard of before."

The elevator doors opened. I walked through, checking my watch. Sarah asked "So, where are ya goin?"

I laughed "I can promise you that it isn't Burma." I grabbed my keys and pushed a button, unlocking my car. I quickly opened the door, keying the ignition and sat in the driver seat. I pushed on the gas and sped of towards the airport, ignoring any more of her questions. Of all the stupid things that could happen...



The plane took of, leaving the small island. The plane shook fiercely, an urge to vomit creeping on. I leaned against the window, trying to sleep as a beautiful sun fell below the clouds. 

I woke up with a start as the plane shook unnaturally, engines screaming. I sat up and looked out the window to see the plane landing. I sighed and leaned back. The plane halted, it's loud engines quieting.  A flight attendant announced "We would like to congragulate Frank Delmer in the front here as he's now ninety three years old and still traveling with us!" 

Random, un-synchronized clapping filled the plane. The attendant continued "Please shake his hand, as he was your pilot this afternoon!" I grinded my teeth.Yeah, real funny, these things have got a million ways to die!

I stood up and moved down the aisle, out of the plane and down a cold staircase, the night air greeting me. I jumped into one of the many cabs waiting by the plane, passing the driver two hundred Shillings, telling him to go to Mogadishu. The drivers eyes went wide as he asked for more money. I passed him four hundred more Shillings. The driver sighed and pushed on the gas.

The End

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