Reaper's Always WatchingMature


It was like babysitting a petulant child. The target, Ghost, sat at the bar ordering drink after drink. I watched from a hidden seat at the back. A small smile crept over my face as I watched the assassin spit out his beer into a plant pot. He was good but not the best. Finally the representative entered the bar and took a seat next to the assassin. I didn't have to hear what they were saying to tell that it wasn't exactly going well. I had been paid to watch Ghost, a man who spoke with an Australian accent and held an air of cockiness that I didn't like one bit. That type of attitude got you killed in this line of work. A paper passed from one man to the other then back. Ghost, grabbed the suitcase, holding his mission statement and a napkin. Leaving the bar without paying his tab. Tisk, tisk, an assassin with no class. The representative waited five minutes after Ghost left then approached me, sitting on the opposite side of the booth. 

"Thomas," I nodded regarding the man. His eyes looked up at me suspiciously, being from where he was I didn't blame him. He was a Contractor for NATO, whenever they had something to delicate to deal with or something they wanted discreetly taken care of they called Thomas. 

"Reaper," he said acknowledging me. As an assassin, I never gave anyone my real name, it would be sloppy and stupid. "What do you think of him?" I chuckled as a young waitress neared our table. 

"Vodka!" I shouted to her before she got within 20 feet. She jumped at the sudden request and quickly hurried to retrieve my drink. My eyes never left Thomas.

"What do you think of Ghost?" Thomas  repeated asked breaking eye contact. I leaned back in my seat and chose my words carefully. "He is a child playing in a fantasy. No manners, no class, and an over clocked attitude." The waitress placed the drink on the table and walked away. Taking a sip of the drink I continued. "I can assure you that you're making a mistake. He's a James Bond wanna-be who's gotten lucky." Thomas shook his head and looked towards the door. 

"It wasn't my decision, that's why I hired you to follow him and give us updates on his...status. If he compromises the mission, himself, goes against orders, or does anything else to fuck this up...Kill him!" I grinned taking in a breath of the alcohol laden air. 

"I thought you'd never ask," my Russian accent bled through my words. Thomas glanced to me nervously he wanted out of this bar and back to his cozy place at a desk. I held my hand over a hidden pistol as Thomas reached into his pocket. I relaxed when he showed only a micro-chip.

"This," he said holding up a chip "has all the same information as we gave Ghost." He placed it on the table and I pocketed it. Waving my hand, I dismissed the edgy NATO representative and eyed the vodka before me. Eventually deciding to take one more quick swig. My phone beeped lightly, I checked it. A small map popped up displaying Ghosts position on the map. I placed a few american dollars on the table and left. I finally had a mission.

The hotel was a lavish piece of work, as was the rest of Mauii. I quickly traversed the hotel lobby and stepped inside the elevator. Pressing the third floor button, I waited. Elevator music, I growled, I despised that type of music. A small bell chime signaled the doors opening. I stepped out, casually making my way to my room, two down and across the hall from Ghost's. But there always has to be a foil to the plan. A young reporter stood outside Ghost's door and was banging on it, determined.  

"Open the door!" I she yelled pounding on the door. I moved behind her and waited for her to notice my presence. Her eyes were a mix of anger and confusion. 

"Can I help you miss?" I asked. She seemed thrown off by my accent but then composed herself fixing a loose strand of hair. 

"No," she said in a huff turning and walking down the hall. Before she reached the elevator she paused and looked back to me. "Do you know him?" 

I acted surprised and miffed at the question. "Sorry miss, I'm on vacation. But I saw you having a fit and wondered what had gotten you in such a state." The reporter took in what I had said and gave me a small smile. 

"Thank you, It's nothing." She entered the elevator and disappeared from view. My blood began to boil, this kid hadn't even started the mission and he already had a reporter on his tail. I entered my room and shut the door, wondering whether or not to kill the girl. In the end I decided against it, who knows, she might even prove useful in the future.   

The End

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