Chapter 19Mature

Chapter 19

He had never forgiven Naomi for betraying him. As he sat in his car, outside her house, he put his hand in his bosom to check that he had the phial of anaesthetic. That was vital. For two weeks now, he had been following Naomi without her being aware of it. Since she was single and lived alone, this was far easier for him. Opening the car door, he stepped out, closed and locked the car, pocketed the key and walked to her front door. Glancing round to make sure no-one was watching, he picked the door as usual and entered.


Deputy Max Bradshaw was on duty at the reception desk at the police station when a tall, slender man with medium brown hair and hazel eyes entered and came up to the reception desk.

"Can I help you?" Max asked.

The man, whose name was Daniel told Max that he had come to report a theft so he thought. Max told a constable to take over reception duty and led the way to one of the police interview rooms.

"So let me get this straight" Max said. "You're an anesthetist by profession. You keep a lot of spare medicines at your house but recently you have noticed that some of the have gone missing and you are not sure if someone is taking them."

Daniel nodded.

Max pondered for five minutes.

"Are you aware that the man we are after is we suspect using a sleeping drug to sedate his victims before drowning them?"

"Yes sir, I read of it in the paper. That is why the second I noticed I came here".

Max stood up. "Wait here. I'm going to speak to the Sherrif."


There was a noise behind him. He turned. Naomi had pulled the entire phone base complete with phone down to the ground with trembling fingers.

"Oh no you don't."

He snatched the cordless phone off the base and pocketed it.

Naomi trembled. She was too breathless to scream or she would have done. She had been numb for a few seconds and then she had siezed her chance to grab the phone while her attacker was dressing.

She lay quiet and still, while he buttoned his shirt.   Taking the phial from inside his bosom, he poured it into the syringe and took her left wrist. She kicked out at him. He bent towards her and whispered in her ear.

"If you scream or struggle I'll do it again".

She was immediately silent. She didn't want it to happen a second time. Smiling with satisfaction, he injected the sedative into her wrist and waited for it to take effect. While he waited, he slipped back into his socks and shoes.

This time, he carried his victim upstairs. Leaving her just outside, he went in, drew the curtains and turned on the light. Placing the plug in the plughole, he filled the bath with water and then placed her fully clothed in it, making sure her head was under water. He went outside, locking the bathroom door securely behind him.

The End

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