Chapter 18Mature

Chapter 18

The police and the FBI would expect him to go after a male victim next, thinking that he would follow the exact same pattern. They were wrong. There were only two men that he had disliked, both of whom he had eliminated from his life. Of course he had disliked both for different reasons. Dr Stanley he had despised for his interference in his life and his misguided belief that excersise was a miracle cure for anything that went wrong when it wasn't.

He had felt a profound sense of satisfaction in forcing both Kathleen and Callista to sleep with him before taking their lives. For him it was not about sex or sexual attraction. He had not been attracted to either woman and neither of those women had even been attractive to look at. For him it was a way of punishing them and he had felt a tremendous sense of power and control both in forcing them to do something against their will and in taking their lives at his whim.


Naomi Cheevley was an ordinary, plain woman of medium height, whom most people actively disliked because she was a manipulative scandal maker. She constantly betrayed people, broke confidences, spread gossip and even resorted to blackmail at times though nothing had yet been proven against her. She had a bob of sandy brown hair, hazel eyes and a shapely figure. Naomi often took pride in showing off what she called a special room to people. This room was painted in blues and greens and though nice and relaxing to sit in, naturally no-one opted to sit there, given that the room's owner was so selfish, snobbish and arrogant. So instead her cats, who were about the only living creatures who were unconditionally loyal to her, had the room all to themselves.


Jack gently broke the news to Lauren about he and Tanya being an item. Lauren was very supportive of her dad, and Selina who had long moved on from Jack didn't seem bothered at all. Abi, with her closenesss to Max was less keen on the situation, but was very glad she would now be around her best friend on a regular basis and promised to try to adjust.

The End

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