Chapter 16Mature

Chapter 16

"They found another victim yesterday". Yusef picked up his stick and aimed and some balls rolled on the green table.

"Did they?" Richard aimed, sending a red ball straight into the table side pocket.

"Yes. I thought that keeping a watch on the river would deter our killer but he instead chose to put his victim in the swimming pool. You'll read about it in the evening paper." Yusef aimed again and this time managed to send a green ball straight into the left side pocket.

"I think we had better keep an eye on the river anyway" Yusef continued.

"Wise choice" replied Richard. "Of course I'm tired of playing guard duty on that river but.." he shrugged. "I know my duty."

"I wish I could take my mind off the case" Yusef sighed, aiming again. "Our latest victim was raped too."

Richard didn't reply.


Tanya walked into Jack's sitting room.

"Well?" asked Jack.

"Okay um well look, the truth is I do have feelings for you, more than friends. I do want you."

He moved forward and took her hand. "Tanya..."

"But well I need to think about Abi and you need to think about Lauren, and I need to talk to Max and you need to talk to Selina".


"It's just if we did get together, you know like a proper couple, would we still be able to keep it professional at work and concentrate on this important case and all that?"

"Of course" Jack assured her, his tone soothing. "Work and private life are seperate. You know that."

Tanya hesitated. Then she reached up and kissed Jack. He reciprocated.




"There is a drinks do at Russel's place tomorrow evening. Would you like to come with me?"

Zaara thought. "I'd have to decide what to wear."

"I'm sure you'll find something. Come on, a social event will do us both good given this grim case we are dealing with. I'm sure Richard and the others will be there too."

"Okay I'll come."

Yusef smiled at Zaara. Zaara smiled back.  

The End

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