Chapter 15Mature

Chapter 15

A Fred Astaire song; I Won't Dance. Don't Ask Me, rang out from the music centre in the sitting room of Jack Hawkins' flat as Jack taught Tanya to dance. They were both amateurs of course but that didn't mean that it wasn't fun to dance. Tanya was wearing a red suit and Jack a light blue top with grey trousers. Part of Tanya's gorgeous hair was clipped back with the rest flowing free.


Nadia Reynolds was surprised to find the door of the college unfastened when she arrived to open it up as usual. She examined the door. The lock appeared to have been picked but she couldn't think who might have done it. Nadia went in and looked in all the rooms but none were ransacked and nothing looked disturbed or out of place. Concerned, she rang the manager who asked her not to do anything until he arrived. When her colleages started to arrive, Nadia mentioned to them what had happened.

When Mark Fox the manager turned up, he handled the situation at once. He gathered all the staff together and gave orders that everything should run as normally as possible anyway and then he himself reported the break in to the police. When a group of primary school students with their teacher in tow turned up to use the swiming pool, Nadia herself handled them as she usually did. The lesson was just starting when one of the pupils screamed. Everyone looked at her. Holding onto the bar of the deep end with one hand, she reached with the other into the water and pulled up a hand. She then trembled violently and let go of it very quickly.


"Deputy Max Bradshaw speaking. Wait a minute, didn't I take a call from you fifteen minutes ago? A break in you said? What there's more? Oh. I'll inform the Sherrif and then we will send someone over. If I could just take your name and address." Max wrote it down. "Thank you." He placed the phone back on the hook and sighed. Picking up his notepad, he made his way to the Sherrif's office.

The End

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