Chapter 14Mature

Chapter 14

Kathleen Henridge was a tall, shapely woman with chocolate brown eyes and matching long, straight hair, which she always tended to tie in a ponytail. Just as Bryan had been employed by a job centre in Albany, Kathleen worked at a job centre in Troy. She was good at swimming and had joined a weekend swimming club. In personality, Kathleen rsembled Callista very closely. she was similarly smart, critical, outspoken and arrogant.


It was twilight and today was the first day on which he intended to stalk Kathleen. He had managed to secure a few days leave from work which he had been due and had taken the opportunity to visit Troy along with his cousin. While he pretended that this was a treat for his cousin and a chance for him to see Troy himself, that had been a cover. He needed to keep his cousin close in order to have access to the sedatives. His cousin always carried some round with him in case of emergency.

He felt like a lion or a cheetah, darting after and tracking his prey. The darkness made this more exciting. The thrill was in the chase and well matched his competitive edge and drive for adventure.


It was a Friday evening and Kathleeen had just left the job centre. She had her evening meal in town for a change and was now on her way home. She attempted to keep to the streets where there were the most people, remembering that both the police and the FBI had warned young women especially to be careful. As she had two female roomates, she felt quite secure. It was just after she had passed the college where she took her weekend swimming lessons that she had the strangest feeling she was being watched. Kathleen turned round, and noticed the door of the college had not been closed properly.

Curious, she went in. It was after hours so it was deserted and she was sure the college was normally locked at this time. Going into the dressing room, she opened her purse and took out her mobile phone, intending to inform the police. Unfortunately, Kathleen had her back to the door and did not see the man who softly entered. He locked the door behind him and stood there. She turned on her mobile and was about to dial the number when she felt herself pulled from behind. Her mobile clattered to the floor.

The End

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