Chapter 13Mature

Chapter 13

He knew a watch was now being set on Hudson River. He had observed it himself. Police officers and FBI agents took turns to guard the river in an attempt to catch him should he attempt to drown another victim. He was too smart though. He was open to using any body of water to drown his victims. It didn't necessarily need to be a river though Hudson River was the one he had used up until now as it was the most convenient.


Jack sat in his flat, reading over the reports that Russel had faxed to him. Although Yusef and Zaara had questioned those connected to Calista and Stanley respectively, not much had come of it. Stanley was an introverted bachelor who hadn't known many people other than work colleagues. Those connected to Calista hadn't turned up anything new either. Jack glanced over at Lauren who was doing her honework at the same desk.

"Lauren, you know Abigail Blackburn don't you?"

Lauren looked up. "Abi? Yes of course. She's a grade younger than me but we both go to the same High School."

"Her mom Tanya and I are working closely together on this current case. We have now joined forces with the FBI."


"Well I was thinking it might be nice to have them over for lunch one wekend. Then you and Abi can hang out and Tanya and I can work on the case."

Lauren didn't say anything.

"If that's all right with you of course".

"Well of course it is dad" Lauren smiled. "Except I'll be round mom's in the weekend remember".

"Oh yes, I forgot". Jack paused.

"Tell you what dad, you have Abi's mom round at the weekend as planned and I can always ask Abi to come round and hang out after school on a weekday."


Zaara sighed in frustration. "There seems to be anbsolutely nothing connecting these victims apart from their killer."

"That certainly seems to be the case so far" Yusef agreed. "But there are still things we can do if you think about it."

Zaara ran her hand through her hair. "Like what?"

"Well we know one of our three victims worked at the job centre, one was a lecturer at the University of Albany and the third was a local GP"


"So we can ask all three places to be cautious and vigilant in case another of their employees is targeted".

Zaara looked up. "Go on."

"And, I don't know if you noticed this Zaara but first of all a man was killed, then a woman and then a man."

Zaara looked puzzled for a moment and then her face cleared.

"Meaning that the killer is likely to kill a woman next?"

"Exactly. We can urge all women to be cautious, not to stay at home alone or open the door to strangers or anything."

"But in Calista's case wasn't the lock picked?"

"True" Yusef frowned. "Well we must just do what we can." He looked at her. "Your shoulders are stiff again" he observed.

"Why don't you come over here and massage them then?"

Yusef looked at her. "Are you sure?"

Zaara nodded.

Yusef came over and sat next to Zaara who turned her back to him. He put his hands on her shoulders.

"Just relax".

The End

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