Chapter 12Mature

Chapter 12

Yusef and Zaara each read one of the reports and then swapped over. Afterwards, Yusef took a few sips of coffee before setting the cup down on a coaster and drawing a deep breath.

"Needed that. Well, as our boss said this is not a pretty case."

"I know" Zaara replied, also setting her coffee cup down.

"Still, as Russel says we need to get cracking." Yusef picked up a pen and a notepad. "First thing we can note is one victim was male and the other was female." He put a bullet point on the paper and jotted it down.

"The woman was..." Zaara hesitated and then briefly closed and reopened her eyes "raped whereas the man was beaten up. Wait, are you just writing differences at the moment?"

"Yes. I'll do the similarities on the next page."

"Okay, that was my contribution".

Yusef wrote down what Zaara had said.

"The man was a GP and the woman was an English university lecturer, at the Albany University in fact."

"The woman was 36 and the man was 40."

"Wouldn't it be easier if we used the victim's names?" asked Zaara.

"Good point". Yusef scanned the reports again. "The woman was a Miss Calista Eastwood and the man was a Dr Stanley Poole."

"They had different physical appearances" Zaara interjected.

"Okay, similarities now..."

"Both were drowned, and in the same river."

"Hmm that's about the only similarity so far."

"Shouldn't we cross check it with the report of the other man - Bryan Krugar wasn't it?"

Yusef nodded and took the report out of his desk drawer. He quickly scanned it.

"Yes, similar modus operandi. The same killer I think."

Yusef sat and thought. Then he spoke. "I sugggest keeping a 24 hour watch on Hudson River, especially the most isolated spots so as to avert our murderer."

"That's a good idea."

Yusef picked up his coffee. "Come on, drink up. We will then run my idea past Russel and the sherrif before splitting up to interview those connected to each of the deceased. Who would you like to interview?"

Zaara thought a moment before responding "Those connected to Calista."

"Ok. I'll interview those connected to..." Yusef checked the report, "Stanley" but first I think I'll have a quick 15 minute game with Richard. I need a tension breaker." He looked at Zaara. "Your shoulders look a bit stiff as well".

"Thank you very much" Zaara replied and then laughed.

The End

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