Chapter 11Mature

Chapter 11

Russel Smith sat in his office, reading through the reports on the two bodies that had been brought up from Hudson River only a few days ago. He had recieved an urgent telephone call from Sherrif Jack Hawkins who had requested that the FBI join forces with the police department to track down the killer. He had of course agreed. His only problem was which of his many agents he should put in charge of the case. He had decided upon reflection to assign two agents instead of one so that they could share the workload between them. Now he needed to decide which two. All his agents were equally well trained, most were efficient, some were smart and others not so much.

He had to choose between Yusef Ahmed, Susan Lane, Amanda Larson, Zaara Sajan, Richard Osborn and Iris Page. After much diliberation, he had decided on Yusef and Zaara. Yusef was usually teamed up with Richard but working with Zaara would make a change. Besides, Yusef would still see Richard at the billiards place. Russel was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in" he called.

Yusef opened the door and came in, followed by Zaara.

"You wanted to see us Sir?"

"Yes, come in, shut the door."

They did so and then sat when Russel gestured them to two chairs in front of his desk.

"You know this recent case that has been going on - the one connected with Hudson River?"

They nodded.

"Well, I have decided after consideration to assign you two to it. You will work together on the case and report any findings to me."

Zaara was a plump person with long, straight, jet black hair and matching eyes.

"Here are the reports that he sherrif has just faxed to me. I need to warn you that this is not a pleasant case and it may be that we are dealing with a dangerous and ruthless person. You don't have to worry though. Help will always be on hand if you ask for it and as you know both of you and my other agents are well trained to deal with most situations."

They nodded.

"Any questions?"

They were silent.

"Okay, get cracking".

Taking the reports from Russel, Yusef and Zaara left his office but as they were leaving Yusef turned.

"Sir, what about Sherrif Hawkins?"

"Whatever you two report to me I will tell him" Russel replied promptly. "If you do want to include him in your investigation, then by all means do so. The FBI and the police are working together not against each other."

"And, well am I allowed to mention to Richard whatever we uncover?"

"In an unofficial capacity, yes of course. Feel free to seek advice from the other agents but I only want you two on this case officially. Agreed?"

"Yes Sir".

The End

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